Experiment XYP47: Tomika

-Chapter One-


It was almost midnight by the time Nicole made it to the Temples' house. She didn't know it though, she had no time to check her watch. Nicole rang the doorbell and waited for an answer, tapping her foot impatiently. The door opened to show a woman who looked to be thirty years of age -- brown eyes that seemed to sparkle in the right light, shoulder length brown hair that had skinny blonde highlights, a little smaller than Nicole, but she had more of a tanned tone to her skin. Amanda Temple. Also known as, Nicole's big sister. Amanda smiled at her younger sister and looked over the case that stood before her. No one spoke, they both opened their arms to each other, greeting with a hug. "I can trust you with Tomika, right, Isabella?" Nicole questioned while her arms were still wrapped around Amanda.

"Of course, Nicki! You said you would check in every week too; Tomika will be fine here," Nicole's sister replied, both breaking from the hug.

"Just don't go all out and spoil her, please."

Amanda smiled at her innocently and ushered her into dim-lit house. "Try staying quiet, Nicki, people are sleeping," she whispered, leading Nicole into her living room.

Nicole set the case on the wood-crafted coffee table that was set in between two white fabric sofas and on top of an antique rug that was given to Amanda as a gift from their mother before she died. She put in the secret code to unlock the case and opened it. Tomika Temple was safe and sound, her eyes closed and her arms crossed at her chest as if she was mummified. Amanda's eyes widened as she stared at the shining white-clothed robot that lay before her. It was one of those moments when angels sang and light shined on the special item or person.

"She's not exactly programmed to follow a life schedule; meaning I didn't have her brain nor hormones programmed to follow what I wanted her to go through while growing up. I don't even know when or if she'll die… Or even if she has an affection toward boys. She looks like me when I was fifteen, but I'm not sure if she'll act like me when I was fifteen," Nicole spoke to her sister, "If she ends up being like me…" she paused, holding back tears awaiting to burst out, "You'll get to see, some what, the part you missed." A sparkling tear crawled down Nicole's face from her memory of the past. When Nicole was about eleven-years-old, Amanda was taken to a foster home until they were both individual adults. Amanda's and Nicole's relationship wasn't your typical sister and sister type. They never fought and they always talked, told stories, and hung out together. Like friends. But when Amanda was taken Nicole lost a part of her, a big part.

"Nicole…" Amanda said sadly, wrapping her arms around her beloved sister. "I know I've made mistakes, but we learn from mistakes and get stronger… I'm sorry for that. I truly am, Baby Sis.' I will take a lot of care of Tomika, I promise it."

They both exchanged smiles and hugged once more. "Anyway… I programmed her to know where everything in this house is, and that you're her mother, John's her father, and Tamara is her older sister. But, Amanda, you must keep this secret… I mean, the Tomika being a robot thing, no one can know about this, not even herself. You can tell your family members since you'll be living with her for months, or even years. Other than that, nobody much know. Capeesh?"

Amanda nodded and pointed her finger toward the "On" button. She was obviously eager to talk to her new daughter. Nicole got the message and sat Tomika down on the sofa that was closest to her, Tomika's arms at her chest now resting on it. She pressed the "On" button, making Tomika come to life. Tomika opened her eyes and looked around with shifty eyes. "Mom…?" she spoke in an innocent voice. Tomika looked over at the clock. One-thirty A.M. "Why are you up at this hour?" she questioned, started to get out of her up-right, sophisticated position and slouch.

Amanda stared at her, wide-eyed and jaw dropped.

"Ma…?" Tomika said, snapping and waving in front of her mother's face.

Tomika's mother shook her head, snapping herself out of such an amazement. "I was awake…" she paused, thinking of an excuse that wouldn't lead to her knowing she was a robot. "Because… Nicole! Nicole, your aunt was here! You see, hun?"

"Aunt Nicki!" she said excitedly, then going to a confused voice, "Why are you here at this hour?"

Nicole looked around herself ; looking for ideas for an excuse. "I was just… You know, in the neighborhood… And being cut out of her life until I was nineteen-years-old, I just wanted to catch up on what's happened lately."

Tomika gave a small "Oh…" with an even smaller smile. "I'm gonna go to bed now…" She stood up from where she sat and headed up the stairs to her room.

"Its getting late… Wanna sleep over Baby Sister?" Amanda yawned, getting up and ready to get Nicole some bed spreads and pillows if she said 'yes.'

"I'd love to," Nicole said with a smile.

Amanda went to get a bed spreads and a pillow. She came back into the living room and made room for her to fold out the sofa's bed. "I bought some things for Tomika -- they're in my car -- I should probably get them and pack them into her room," Nicole said, getting out her car keys.

"You can do that later, Nicki. Just relax now."

Nicole nodded and laid down on the fold out bed as Amanda went up to her own bedroom and went to sleep. Soon enough, Nicole had drifted into dreamland.