What's inside a joke?

Page twelve

It's really not that funny

Creamed chicken

Unless you happen to be

The tables have turned

One of the few people

Krod! Norom! Toidi!

On the inside of the joke

Those aren't O's!

Who either was there when it began

"Lrk, uh urm yr fthr!"

Or has had the joke explained to them

The four-line couplet

And thus understands the significance

Bob, the scary Pentagon guard

Of what makes the joke so funny.

Musical pants

Much of what I have said, no doubt,

Talking smileys

Has made zero to no sense at all

Resistance is futile

That's because I'm on the inside

How do we destroy Superman?

And you're on the outside,


So it's up to you to create

The case of the missing toothbrush

Your own inside jokes.

The nation of Swahili is located off the coast of Botswana