(A/N: Fate? Chance? Both...?)

Perfect Misalignment.

Screaming light, no slowing as one plummets to the depths.
Anticipation of the impact, whole world watches as it falls.
Faith, it's going too fast, but it can't stop, can't, and cannot stop
the strength of another, whos gravity is too strong to repel.

Twirling scared and blind, perfection misaligned.
Fear and wondering if there's more
than lacuna black holes at the core who wind
this great perfection misaligned.

"Not reveling in alarm, but I've got a sinking feeling..."
How loud the falsities of its intrepidness?
What a lie to cry insipidness?
Try not to falter and collapse,
though it's plain, allure is too fast.
How easy to tell them that it's petrified?

One's been floating alone somewhere in space all life long.
It's been waiting for someone to pull it close.
Since it's been in another's pull, It's been quaking,
wondering if it will burn up, or if it will just crash into the core.

Is one enough of a mess to send them both spiraling down?
The force of this momentous weight is a pressure and a rush.
Is one just mass enough to slightly bruise?
As it falls to them, it wonders if it's more than just a crush.

Spinning around and around and behind perfection misaligned.
Pulled together face to face,
ripped apart, collide in space to find
this great perfection misaligned.

"If we weren't so close already, I'd be terrified of the inertia".
In one's other hand, it wonders if it will hurt when they collide.
It wonders just how much this will hurt, indeed.
Bodies caught, and can't escape from gravity's great hurls.
One and one together brings the end of two whole worlds.
Is coming together all that much better?

Two bodies lost somewhere away in infinity,
Seek and somehow each other celestially find.
Lost and confused, bodies moving too fast,
bodies so perfectly misaligned.