Letting It Out

Give a scream, give a shout

I'm so emotional, I just need to let it all out

I'm a wreck, I need help

This is something I don't know how to tell

It's so hard to say, so hard to show

But don't be offended, please just don't go

Never leave my side

Don't ask questions, don't ask why

Here I am, sitting here

Wishing I could just disappear

It is over, I am done

This is no longer fun

Now you're gone

I am no longer strong

Where are you?

I need you, I'm so blue

Even though my problem is you

Please don't leave, lets talk this through

But I can't, its so hard, but I must

No I can't, its too much

How could you ever understand?

I know, I know, you've always held my hand

But this time you can't because I just don't know how to put it in word

I know it's crazy; So absurd

I like you, you have her

When will I ever learn?

I'll get over being alone

You can't help, I have to do this on my own

But I can't, no I can't

I feel small, like an ant

A kid; a little girl

While she's there, your whole world

Who am I? What am I?

I give up I won't try

I failed the game

What a shame, what a shame…

You are gone, where are you?

I guess this is good bye, so farewell and adieu

A friendship has ended, over some stupid thing

Again, its again, I'm feeling the sting

My hearts torn, my hearts broken

I can't believe its actually come to an end

Why me? Why me?

I guess I wasn't worth the keep

You've been gone…

Everything's going wrong

Down the drain

All so insane

Give a scream, give a shout

Just let it all out…