The WORST two years br 3

On the day of the concert I wore my faded green hair tied back in a semi neat ponytail, the skimpy bikini top and a skirt that I had in my closet. I stood on the glass stage barefoot. Back stage was under the glass stage, the front of the stage was beautifully pained glass and nobody could see through. If anybody looked up from under the stage, they could see the M tattoo on the bottom of one of my feet and a L on the other one. I am now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. In Other words I was Mormon. I was wearing black eye liner black, gray eye shadow black nail polish and black lipstick. I was wearing my usual jeweled tiara that Cam gave me for my fourteenth birthday, when my friends and I first started the group. I am the lead singer; my friends play the music. They wrote the music I wrote the songs. Sometimes my friends would sing along. "Hello Hawaii!" I screamed into the microphone, "Are you ready to rock with the M.I.A.T.S.H.G?"
"YES! The roaring crowd replied.
"Great, but before we begin, Today is our Two year anniversary! Now without further a due we will get this party started!"

It was almost the end of the concert we were about to get to the song from any other singing group or movie or whatever. I knew them all. Suddenly Artsy took the mike from me. "good evening Ladies and Germs, just kidding, Gentlemen. As you all know today is our two year anniversary, but... u tomorrow /u is the day of Miami's Birth. And before we get to the song every body wanted to hear, I... we wanted to sing Happy Birthday to Miami. One... two... three... and hit it." With their instruments the girls started playing Happy Birthday, as they started singing the crowd started singing too. A tear ran down my cheek but I quickly wiped it away. As the song ended, I received the selected song on a piece of paper. I called Artsy up with me and we got into position. As the other girls played the music I put my wireless mike on my head, Artsy did the same. br
"There is this girl...
She looks a lot like me,
and all she does is think about you constantly,
but she's to shy to ever let it show...
And I think you know" I started
"Now just for fun...
lets pretend that it's me
And I'm everything you'll ever need"
We sang What are you waiting for by No secrets. When we finished the crowd burst out in applause. Suddenly I felt myself being dragged somewhere, a man, about 35 years old dragging me somewhere. I noticed I wasn't on stage anymore; in fact I wasn't even at the water park, we, the man and me, were walking up to my house. He rang the door bell, a few seconds later, my mom answered the door. When she saw the man holding me her face fell. She grabbed me and slammed the door shut. "You can't hide forever form me Kagome, I have rights, and she belongs to me to!" the man yelled as he banged on the door. br
"Lori, go to your room." My mom yelled
"Mom, who is this guy?" I asked.
"That's not important right now, go to your room"
"NOW!" I scrambled up the stairs into my room. Or... one of them, I had three. I went to the most continent one, the closest one with the peep hole so I can hear and see what's going on. The Man broke through the door. "Where is she?" he asked.
"I'm not telling you where she is Inuyasha" she spat out his name like it was a deadly disease. br
"You don't understand, I care about her as much as you do."
"If you really did then you would leave her, and me, alone!"
"You don't understand he is back."
"Like I'm supposed to believe your story we killed him years ago"
"No, we didn't he never died, he's after her Kagome, he wants her dead."
"You're lying!" br
"Am I? Miroku is dead, sucked up by his wind tunnel; Sango and Kohaku have vanished and Shippo... Face it Kagome, It was a trick, he's been biding his time all along, growing stronger. Now, he wants to hurt her, he wants her dead, so we will suffer"
"NO! I don't believe you." your mother was crying now.
"He knows where she is, he's coming for her." My Mother's eyes grew wide, as she dashed for one of my rooms.
A man appeared out of nowhere, "I think you know why I'm here" he said I felt a pain in my stomach and everything grew dark. The last thing I heard was my mom calling my name.