When The Stars Won't Shine
- prologue -

I knew a girl once. She had auburn hair that hung straight, sharp grey eyes that flickered with her well hidden emotions, and a calm stature no one could break down – but he did.

She used to be a girl when I knew her. I stopped knowing her that summer night he flew through her window and took her by the hand. He had short blonde hair, shaggy and unkempt, a boyish face despite his lean body that spoke otherwise, and he had eyes that took her away from me. I can still remember the glitter in those green eyes and the way her breath caught in her throat.

It was over then.

I've been waiting for her on this ledge for a while now, but I know he will never give her back. All I have left of her are these letters she sends. She never sends them with love and she never sends them to me – she sends them in fear that what she is seeing will remain a dream if no one else can see the evidence.

She wants to prove it to herself more than to anyone else.

I keep them close to me every night as I stare down the trail of stars they left behind in hopes that the words will make her think of me. I haven't forgotten how to wish, but when I read these letters, it only reminds me of the night she left me.

It only reminds me of how the stars won't shine.

A/N: I haven't done too much editing to the prologue, but I cleaned up some language and added a few adjectives that I really wanted. I've got the story planned and now I'm just waiting for the miraculous opening.