The First Day Of My Life

Early this morning,
I wove a flag in the shape of a rainbow with my heart,
Hoisted it up the flagpole of the ship
That I constructed myself in secret for so many years
With the pieces of a broken life
I discovered on the tormented coastline,
Hesitantly waved goodbye to the boisterous place
That I couldn't ever call my home,
Then allowed my heart to lead my escape out to sea,
Whilst my eyes welled up with tears of joy,
As I realised that today is the first day of my life.

However, with every move that my heart made,
I couldn't help glancing back behind me
And completely expecting the vicious spirits
That had me captured in their world of agony previously
To have been following me and waiting for the right moment
To tie a rope around my neck,
So that I would gasp for their mercy,
Spear my mind and body a billion times,
So that I would drown in a deep pool of my own blood,
And inject my empty heart with so much malice,
So that it would never have the desire to leave their territory again.

But now, as I stand here on the deck this evening,
With my hair and the rainbow flag gently blowing in the soothing breeze,
I watch and feel the only star currently visible in the sky
Send comfort to my heart through it's light,
And suddenly understand the fact that my determination to live
Is now too bright for any evil matter to even stare at,
And that my heart is now totally free to choose where it wants to go,
And so, with a smile on my face, I allow my no longer fearful heart
To confidently continue guiding the ship across the sea
As more and more bright stars appear across the night sky,
Whilst dreaming of discovering a peaceful land where I'll be forever happy...