And here you are
Alone and tired
There you go
Again with twisted fire
A moment or two
To hide your view
And I'll throw my luck...
Like a horseshoe

-instrumental elevation-

What "I love you"s
Would ever seek to find-
A place so true
Like how I feel for you-
Some sheltered heart
I cannot break to see
If there's something there...
For me

I love you, baby
Drive me crazy
A love that maybe
All I can do
Clenched so tightly
Your love so rightly
When every man might'ly
Tore to pieces

You're torn to pieces...

-moderate instrumental-

The city air
Raise right out of you
A time we share
Your spirit rise into
The cold dark sky
Crazy that I
Could keep you...
Away from Heaven

Your freedom
To watch you fly away
Who am I to keep you down
So selfish I
Just want to touch you, to hold you tight
You be with me
Together we
Would plant our tree that was never
Meant to be...

Head's full of bad apples...

Sinful dabbles...

-long instrumental-

Again with twisted fire...