Just Friends

Years ago a love flourished,

Sudden to be extinguished,

I never though I could love,

You were my only one, sent from above,

I've learned to live my life,

Without that heartbreak and strife,

I grew up and learned a lot,

Never again to be in a sad spot,

Years later, you return to me,

I hoped for your love again, you see,

That wasn't possible, we couldn't do it,

For a time, my heart sunk into a pit,

We talked and discussed, even now, a lot,

Even though, between two people, I was caught,

You encouraged me to move on,

Despite having your love gone,

I still want you in my life,

Even though sometimes that pain sears like a knife,

I don't want our relationship to come to ends,

So, it is possible, I hope, for us to be just friends.