Helios and Selene

From a distance, she watches him

Helios is shining so brightly

She loves him, long for him

Yet she cannot reach him

Selene's heart ached

Her tears turning into moonstones

She pictured herself within his warm embrace

Basking in the glow of his love

Even if this moment existed in her mind

Dreaming of Helios gave her pleasure

The gentleness of his kiss on her lips

If only she could feel such bliss

But Selene knew it wasn't fated

She and her faraway object of affection

Were destined to be apart

Though a chill nearly overcame her

All she needed to do was gaze upon him

It was all the comfort she needed

The cosmic dance continued

And she loved him more

He secretly pined for her

Though no one but she knew

She would be with him

When entropy became all we know

Her dust mingling with his sunbeams

Together at last at the end of it all

Cosmic lovers, Helios and Selene.

June 10, 2006