A Gamers Life

Being a Gamer at one point in time was for losers and geeks. Arcades where were outcasts hung out and was the cesspool of uneducated citizens. Now the tides have turned in the 20th century. Gamers are now in the 8th generation of gaming, and there is still much prosperity to played…………..

Gaming is not only a hobby or something to pass time with, it's a state of mind. A state of mind that must change and adapt whenever there is a change in technology. The Gamer must always be on alert for competitors may be any where he may be. I myself and others I associate with are gamers. We are hardcore gamers. This means we will stay up for 23 hours to beat a game if necessary . There are gamers in every region of the world, ready to take on the world in online play. One half of the gamers creed is NO GAME IS NOT WORTH PLAYING. Not everyone is as optimistic as I am about games. When you play a game, your not just going to wowed by some graphics. The Gamer looks for music, game play, storyline, fun factor, replay value, and character development Gamers aren't nerds or geeks. There a combination of the two. A geek is a nerd with social skills. A nerd is someone who is just smart, plain and simple. The nerd has little friends, and locks himself in a world of studying. Gamers are a mix of nerds and geeks, only the gamer will take many more chances then the nerd or the geek combined. There are a variety of Gamers out there. You have the hardcore gamers that will stay up to have fun. You have the semi gamer that will stay up to a certain extent. Then you have the light weights. People that buy the video game system, buy some games and play them for maybe 2 to 3 hours. Its not time management, light weights just buy games to say they got it. The reality is that light weights would not last 2 minutes in a arena with a semi gamers, and the hard core gamer would laugh at them for even thinking about stepping into battle with them. There is one thing that these category's have in common, there gamers. The gamer is living in a world where gaming is a well respected profession.

Being a gamer is a hard life with opponents around ever corner, and having massive loss of sun light in the summer. Gaming is a lonely life, but depending o