The Race

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Saturday that I've entered a race

Which a rider's horse picks up the pace

In order for the both of them to cross

The finish line and win his share of Ross

Callahan's fortune that's inside a case.

At first,the race had began with each and

Every man trying to win that hundred grand.

But as soon as we had reached the halfway

Point,I could honestly say

That no survivor should appear in this band.

Not only did we had to race against each

Other,but also had to deal with out-of-reach

Vipers and murderous tribes of indians who

Were waiting within the mountains of blue

To attack those within their attack reach.

But in the end,it was I who had won

The race and the honor of the one

Small town of Rutger's Ridge and I

Just can't wait to ride the next one.