The Gates of Tir na n-Og


Once upon a time long, long ago there lived a king and queen who were two of the most powerful beings of the fae. The king's volatile nature was reflected in the cold northern waters that he ruled while his queen was as gentle as she was beautiful. In the absence of her king the queen would rule the seas but she was not a warrior and merely guarded them in name and not deeds. Once three great warriors rose up to take advantage of the king's absence and attempted to usurp the queen. In her defense a fourth even greater, though only human, warrior came. His passion not only defeated the attackers but ignited the queens own. Though already wed to the kind of the northern seas she agreed to marry this impressive mortal man. Upon the kings return he was full of rage to see the two together. Knowing such a commitment would bring ruin to their world he drew his magical mantle between the two, wiping the memory of one from the other and drawing a veil between their worlds, creating the first separation between their races. To one side lived the rapidly developing human world, to the other the slowly stagnating fae.

Gradually all of humanity began to forget the strange and often wondrous creatures that once lived amidst them while the fae were content to remain locked away in their lands of beauty. Though the veil was a wall between their worlds there was still a gate, it was open and allowed the occasional curious faerie to cross into the lands of men. As time passed though these otherworldly visitors grew increasingly fearful of the mindset of man, as the ages apart had fostered ignorance and from that fear was bred. It grew bad enough that the few who had stayed behind when the veil was drawn felt alarmed enough to leave humanity behind and flee to the safer environs of the lands now known as Tir na n-Og.

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