Pulling Threads

By Nighthuntress05

Warning: Contains homosexuality. Don't like, don't read, and certainly don't flame.


Dear Journal That I Must Keep For My Creative Writing Class:

My name is Richard Lane Zimal. Now that we've got my completely horrible name out of the way, you can call me Rich. Almost everyone does, except for Kai who calls me 'Dick' a lot, usually followed by the word 'head'. Yeah, and Kai is my best friend, really.

I guess I should tell you about me, right? Well, I'm 17, and I go to Northwood High (duh). My father died a few years ago, though he would be almost 70 now. My parents had me late in life (and by that, I mean, oops, mom got pregnant at 43, surprise!). You see, my parents married each other after getting divorced from other people. My brother Ethan is thirty-five and was my Dad's first son. My sisters Dana and Kelly are thirty and thirty-two, respectively, and were from Mom's first marriage.

Now let me tell you about Mom. My mother is a writer, she has so many books published, I lost count. At 60, she's still traveling and writing with a group of her friends, so I'm left alone in my house. Not that I mind, my friends stay over a lot, and my sister Dana lives three houses down (so no parties, not like I'd throw one anyway). I have a good life, I suppose, except for one thing: I'm gay.

I know, I know. I'm on the swim team (not that I'm that athletic, I just like the water), I am not metrosexual, my room is a disaster area, and I have no fashion sense. I don't snap my fingers and say 'honey' a lot. I don't think anyone would look at me and go 'Yeah, he is sooooo gay'. I don't project the stereotype, which I am quite thankful for, since I am still 'in the closet'.

Another reason I don't think anyone would assume I'm gay is just because who I am. I'm taller than most of my friends, almost six foot. I'm skinny (my sister says 'lithe', whatever that means), I guess I have a swimmer's body, since almost all my free time is spent swimming. I'm blond (dark honey-blond, actually) with grey eyes. I could be considered geeky (thankfully, I got contacts two years ago). I love manga, anime, cartoons, comic books; I think you get the idea. Actually, all of my friends do, so I don't feel so geeky, especially because of Kai, he's not geeky at all.


Kai is my best friend, has been since he moved here in sixth grade with his grandmother. His grandmother and his father are part Hawaiian, his mother wasn't Hawaiian though, but she left when he was a year old. Tutu (Kai's grandmother) moved here to be closer to one of her friends who was really sick. After her friend died, she and Kai just stayed. I'm glad they did.

Kai is one of those people you could never forget. He tries to act all badass, which is hilarious if you've ever seen him. Kai is barely 5'6" and is lean but strong, but still tiny. He has a permanent tan, thanks to his father's heritage, with black (and very silky-smooth) hair. His eyes though, are very bright green. Our friend Elena calls him a 'living bish┼Źnen' and I've always been inclined to agree. Kai's beautiful in a masculine way, even if he is short.

If you haven't guessed by now, I have a crush on Kai. I think it's obvious, but nobody has ever said anything.

What haven't I mentioned yet? Oh yeah, Calix Diodorus, son of the local Greek restaurant's owner. He's tall (shorter than me and Elena, but taller than Kai), and Greek: dark brown hair and eyes, sun darkened skin, and perfect white teeth. He's a handsome devil and plays soccer for Sunderville. We (Elena, Kai and Me) met him at Diodorus' Tavern, his dad's restaurant. Elena and I were both drooling (hopefully they didn't notice I was) when Calix came over to take our order. Once we became regulars (much more Elena's doing, then mine), we became friends.

I think I've told you everything I can about me: I'm a closeted gay teenager who is in love with his best friend. (Sure there is more, but is it really important?)