Pulling Threads


I roll over in my bed, several months later, to find that Kai is not beside me. I sit up quickly, ignoring the small twinge of pain in the quarter sized scar on my chest. I hear the shower running in my bathroom.

I walk in, and draw back the curtain, he's surprised to see me, but he doesn't complain. I climb in behind him, wrapping my arms around his stomach and pulling him towards me.


After we finish our shower, we head out. We have to meet Elena and Callix for lunch; apparently they have something important to tell us. They've been dating almost as long as Kai and I have.

We sit down across from them in our normal booth. Elena is smiling her little "I have a secret" smiles, and Cal, well he was just grinning.

"Well, what are we here for, besides the food?" Kai asks. Elena glances at Callix before looking back at us.

"We're leaving in a week." We stare at her with blank faces.

"So? Where are you guys going?" I ask with certain curiosity.

"Vacation, with my parents. To Greece." Callix states. "Apparently my parents want Elena to meet all of my relatives."

"Really?" I ask. Both Cal and Elena nod. "Well we have some news of our own, don't we, Kai darling." He catches on quickly.

"Oh yes, lover, we do." He takes my hand gently and places it on his stomach. "I'm pregnant."

I watch as Cal falls into the floor, howling and shaking with laughter. Elena turns to us, a scowl on her face.

"What happened to being nobodies bitch, little uke?" She asks with fake anger.

"I'm not Richie's bitch, and I might be uke on occasion, but we love each other, and that's all that matters." He smiles at me and I kiss him, hard.

"I love you, Kai."


We're walking home after lunch. Yes, home, we share a house now, and Tutu has her own room over the garage. My mom didn't really care; she just sighed and said as long as I was happy, she was happy. I think she was just happy I had someone to watch over me. She left to go back on her writing tour just two days after I got out of the hospital.

I open the door to our room (and how good does it feel to say that) and plop down on the bed. I'm almost fully recovered, but I still get tired easy. Kai falls beside me and cuddles up to my chest. We fall asleep that way.

When I wake up Kai is staring at me, and he has obviously been watching me sleep.

"Hey." I say sleepily. He just smiles.

"Hey, yourself, ipo." I shudder. I like when he calls me 'lover' in Hawaiian. It makes me feel sexy and loved.

He pulls me into his arms, not caring that I'm taller and heavier then he is. He lays his cheek against my hair.

How I wish I could stay like this forever. He's so warm behind me and its so much like a dream, I go back to sleep.



This was my first attempt at a multi-chaptered original story. It is the longest thing I have ever written. I'm quite proud, though, hopefully, I will get better in time.

I appreciate all reviews, I really do.

Thank you.