i woke up to find myself

dancing like a first-class hooker

in the backseat of a red SUV

to rap as sensual as my shirt halfway off.

laughing off the pins and needles

i rubbed my wrists, bought a new lighter,

and watched rape movies of fear

past curfew.

and the next day i woke up to find myself

making new friends in places

i would never dream of and touching them

in ways i would never imagine.

laughing off the vibrating cellphone

i pulled my shirt down, kissed a fucking goodbye

and took two more trains home

looking like a trashed whore.

before all this i fell asleep as the

girl next door in public school,

awkward stares at the camo and jeans,

i'm a fighter and they know it.

laughing off the whispered compliments

i walked off the bus, hit the streets,

and found my way home

to wake up.

i woke up to find myself

dancing(vibrating) like a first-class hooker(hair streaming down my naked back)

in the backseat(just the girls) of a red(bloody) SUV(we're ghetto and you know it)

to rap(the boom-boom sex kind) as sensual as my shirt halfway(okay, all the way) off.

laughing(crying) off the pins and needles(stinging like piercings)

i rubbed my wrists(he tied them), bought a new lighter(to burn more smoke up),

and watched rape(fucked up) movies of fear(i didn't sleep)

past curfew(we got home at 1 am).