A/N: Most of these were written before Scream With Me was fully fleshed out so if characterization seems a little wonky, that's why. Chapter 21, the line-" Adam starts, thinking of last night at Brian's house-his lips around Brian's hard cock, Brian moaning and thrusting up against him, Brian's face scrunching up when he orgasms, Adam's name echoingfrom breathless lips.",-was originally going to be a scene in the story itself. Needless to say, it did not make the cut, but here it is for your reading pleasure!

Adam grins and tosses Brian's shirt, laughing as it hits the hamper and crashes to the floor.

"Adam! That tickles. Quit!" Brian exclaims, trying to bat Adam's hands away from his stomach.

"Oh…so we're ticklish there too? This is going to be fun."

"Adam-what are you-Ahh! That's cold," Brian says, finding himself suddenly in the tub. "What are you going to do? I heard water's really not that good of a lubricant."

"We're not going to be doing that," Adam answers, tossing a washcloth at the wet blond. "We're taking a bath."

Brian blinks, the orange washcloth still on his head. "Is this some sort of New Age couples' bonding thing?"

"No, it's not. Scoot over," Adam says, already naked. Brian complies, raising his head up to enjoy the view. Once Adam had gotten settled, he pulls Brian against him, hands exploring the front of his body.

Brian moans softly, hips thrusting up, until…"Ow! Shit." Brian's eyes fly open and he looks up. "What happened?"

Adam looks up, sheepishly. "I, uh, hit my head on the faucet. It's not bleeding or anything."

"Well, that's good. Would've been hell trying to explain that to the ER."

Adam laughs. "Yeah. Well you see, doctor, I was giving my boyfriend a blowjob, when I accidentally bumped my head on the faucet."

"And the doctor would be all 'and you were where giving your boyfriend a blowjob, young man?"

"It wouldn't be a blowjob, it'd be oral sex. And I'd be like, in the tub."

"And then the doc would just nod and give us a prescription for painkillers or a band-aid or something."

"Yeah. We oughta get cleaned up."

Brian nods, carefully sitting up. "Do me."

"I just did!"

Brian throws the washcloth at him, laughing when it hits him on the face. "Not like that! Get your mind out of the gutter and hand me the soap."