Junior Year

Ch.1-Aaron's Messed-Up Conviction

Somehow, everything had made sense to him before. Everything he did was right, and if it wasn't…he wouldn't admit it. He would just do the right thing…eventually. Being President of your class isn't a bad thing, but sometimes it takes hold of you, especially when you have girls crowding around you every second—girls that are in love with you.

Aaron and Mabel. It wasn't exactly love at first site, but it was pretty close. He liked her, and then she liked him, but something was always in the way. First, it was skinny girls wanting his attention. Next, it was denial on her part. But finally, there was nothing in the way, well…almost.

Aaron strongly headed over to Mabel's locker. It was junior year, and he was finally ready. He would ask her out. He had been waiting to do this since probably the middle of the eighth grade, but excusing himself cause of his age seemed fair enough to him. He knew it was getting on Mabel's nerves…waiting and waiting and waiting, but he had given three more months to let summer pass…and finally as September approached he was ready.

Getting excited, he jumped into the air tapping his heels together. He longed to have Mabel as his girlfriend and call her his own…and finally he could.

Just look at her, Aaron thought to himself dreamily. That long brown hair, those gorgeous blue eyes…and very smart…it's almost too much to take. Aaron sighed again, but he moved forward, and when he was only a couple feet away from her locker…

"Hey Aaron!" Sasha said, blocking his view of Mabel.

"Oh….hi Sasha," he mumbled. Crap! I'm gonna be stuck here awhile.

Sasha was one of Aaron's best friends. And he loved her…as a friend. She, on the other hand, wanted much more. She was very flirtsy and persuasive. Every guy wanted her, but she only had one in mind.

"Am I interrupting something?" she asked cautiously. Cause I know I am…

"Um, well…" Yes!!! You are definitely interrupting something!

"Oh good. Let's go talk and stuff," she said turning him in the opposite direction.

"No," he stated sternly. This is not going to happen! Not this time!

"What?" she asked in shock.

"Sasha, you told me you liked me, but I just don't…in the same way…you know? We're friends…great friends…best of….but that's it," Aaron said.

"Oh," she said, trying to make him sympathetic.

"Don't feel bad, but…uh, I have to go do something…alright?" he said quickly.

"Yeah," she said, slowly.

"Thanks Sasha! You're the best." Oh man, that was a workout, Aaron thought, brushing a hand through his hair.

He headed that couple extra feet to Mabel's locker, but she gave him a glare and slammed her locker shut, heading off with Dabria, her best friend, to her next class.

What happened here? What did I do? I didn't say anything, or do anything! Aaron thought, quite troubled. When suddenly, he realized it…Mabel caught him with Sasha. Ugh!!!!! Sasha!!!!


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