Down the Stairs

Chapter 1- The Meeting

"Hey you little fucker, get back here!"

Why is he after me this time? Ryan thought. It's always some stupid reason since the day I came here. First I did too good on my assignment, then I beat some guy in Gym class, and yesterday it was because I looked at him the wrong way. What could it be today?

"Hah! I got you. Your pain is going to be so much worse because you ran away."

"What did I do this time?" Ryan asked as he pulled his arm and started to back away from his attacker.

"Well I heard something very interesting from one of my friends that goes to South High. He told me about this one guy who went there until recently when it came out that he was gay and made a move on the basketball team captain. After that he was shunned until he left. The funny thing is his name was Ryan and my friend's description matches you quite well. He told me that Ryan was 6 feet tall, with brown hair, blue eyes, and weighed about 180 pounds. Just like you. So, is it you?"

"Yes it is me. Why do you care?"

"Because now I have another reason to go after you. That's why you looked at me isn't it. You like me don't you?"

"Sorry, but I don't go for ugly fuckers like yourself."

"You're going to wish you hadn't said that."

"Oh yeah and what are you going to do?" Ryan asked a little afraid about what might happen.

"This!" he cried as he pushed Ryan backwards.

Ryan was startled as he stumbled backwards. He turned around and realized that he was falling down the stairs. Suddenly Ryan felt strong arms wrap around him and prevent him from falling. He sighed with relief, "Thank you so much."

"No problem," came the reply.

Ryan recognized that voice. It was deep and so sexy that it could only belong to one person, Brent who just happened to be Ryan's crush. He's the same height as Ryan but has blond hair, green eyes, and is slightly thinner then Ryan.

"Why the hell did you do that Bryce?" Brent asked while still holding Ryan tightly against his chest, which confused Ryan but he wasn't complaining.

"Because that guy you're holding is a fucking fag!"

"So you pushed him down the stairs because he's different then you?"

"Yeah. He's a fucking freak so I don't need any other reason. Why are you defending him? Unless you're gay too."

"And what if I am? Will you push me down the stairs too?"

"I just might. So what? Is the whole fucking school turning gay? Just you wait until tomorrow. Everybody is going to know about the school's newest couple." Bryce turned and walked away.

Brent turned back toward Ryan who he was still holding in his arms. "Are you okay?"

"Yes I'm fine. I'm sorry that now you're going to be called gay just for helping me. I'll just leave now," and Ryan tried to pull away but Brent held him tight.

"Don't be sorry. I'm glad this happened. Besides what if what everyone heard tomorrow was the truth?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean what if we really were dating?"

"Are you serious?"

"Yes I'm serious. I've liked you ever since you came here and I knew that you were someone that I could possibly come out for."

"Wow. So tomorrow we'll...what?"

"Well tomorrow I think we should hang out together, holding hands and other couple-like things and let everyone know about us that way."

"I think that's a great idea but what about your friends? Won't they hate you now? And don't you have a girlfriend?"

"I don't care what my friends think and no I don't have a girlfriend. I never have."

"Oh. So all those guys were lying when they were talking about you and all of the girls you've gone out with?"

"Yes and no. I kind of made them up so everyone wouldn't be suspicious of me."

"That makes sense. So I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah tomorrow," Brent replied as he lightly kissed Ryan on the lips before releasing him.

Ryan turned and walked toward the front of the school and out the door. The whole way home all he could think was I have a boyfriend.

When he walked into his house he went straight to his room to try and decide what to wear the next day at school. I'm not going to tell anyone yet. Especially not mom because she will make a huge deal out of it and I don't even think it's going to last but until it ends I'm going to enjoy it.

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