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Chapter 5: The Mark

Ryan's badminton class went by quite smoothly, besides Dan making a few dumb ass remarks and actions which Ryan completely ignored. Ryan quickly went into the bathroom outside the gym to change and was back in before Brent's class came back.

Once the bell rang Ryan and Brent left the gym hand in hand and walked the few blocks to Brent's house just enjoying each other's company.

Once they arrived at Brent's house they walked in the front door so Brent could grab his keys, but before they could walk back out the door a man walked out of what seemed to be the kitchen and gave them both a very cold stare.

"I thought I heard fag trash come in and low and behold I come out to see and I find TWO pieces of faggity shit standing in my entryway."

"Shut the fuck up dad!"

"You can't talk to me like that," he yelled back as he raised his arm and punched Brent in the cheek.

Brent cried out in pain as he fell back against Ryan who he had pushed behind himself when he saw his dad come out of the kitchen. Ryan twisted around and opened the front door and pulled Brent out after him.

"That's right you run away you useless pieces of shit!"

Once they reached Brent's car Ryan put Brent in the passenger seat and then got in the driver's side himself. Brent wordlessly handed the keys to Ryan who started the car and pulled out and headed in the direction of his house.

"Ryan I'm sorry you had to see that."

"Brent don't apologize. It's not your fault that your dad is a homophobic asshole. No offence."

"None taken. I mean he is a homophobic asshole so there's no reason to worry about my feelings. I hate him anyway."

"That's sad. I mean I understand and all since I hate my dad too. I mean, I haven't talked to him in over a year."

"Really? Why?"

"Well mainly because he got remarried and likes his new step-children so much better then me, and then he stopped paying attention to me altogether because he had the family he always wanted. I really don't care though. I'm better off without him."

"You really think that you're better off without having your dad in your life? I mean mine may be an asshole but I couldn't imagine growing up without him."

"Well I did and I'm much happier for it."

"Ok, ok Ryan just calm down. Let's not talk about it anymore."

"Ok good. I'm sorry for getting so worked up I just hate my dad so much. He really hurt me when he started paying more attention to everyone else, and then when he started ignoring me entirely I contemplated killing myself."

"You what!?!"

"I contemplated killing myself because I thought that if my own father didn't care about me then it must mean that nobody else cares about me either."

"That's terrible!!! What changed your mind?"

"Um, it was during lunch and Paige said something about when we were kids and I realized that for her to remember something that we did that long ago, it must mean that she actually does care about me."

"I see. And did you ever tell anyone about what you were feeling and going through?"

"No. Every time I tried to tell anyone they would just talk about how they had it so much worse then I did and I should just shut my whiny ass up because I had a fucking perfect life."

"Ryan pull the car over."

"What? Why do you want me to pull the car over Brent?"

"Because you're crying and I don't want you to crash the car."

"Oh ok. I didn't even notice I was crying," Ryan said as he pulled the car over to the side of the road and let Brent take over driving.

"What's your address?"

"What? Oh right, it's 523 Elm Street."

"Ok now back to what you were saying before. Why did they say that you had a perfect life? And how could they say that they had it so much worse if they don't know how you feel inside?"

"They told me that because I got good grades I had nothing to complain about."

"That makes no sense at all."

"Yeah but that was their line of thinking and I thought they were right so it just made me feel even worse and I was so close to actually killing myself because my friends didn't want to listen to me."

"Well I'm just glad that you didn't kill yourself. We're here."

"Oh so we are. Oh no! My mom's home. I apologize right now for everything that's going to happen in the next five minutes," Ryan said sadly.

"That's ok," Brent replied questioningly as he got out of the car after Ryan and followed him into the house.

As soon as they walked in the front door Ryan heard his mother moving around in the kitchen. "Mom I'm home and brought a friend," Ryan yelled to his mother.

"Oh you did. So which one is it?" she asked as she came out of the kitchen.

"Uh, it's one that you've never met. Mom this is Brent."

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you Brent."

"It's a pleasure to meet you too Mrs...uh..."

"Grace, call me Grace."

"Ok then. It's a pleasure to meet you Grace."

"So Ryan is this the Brent that you can't seem to stop talking about?"

"Mom! Why did you say that!? But yes it is that Brent."

"So Brent I suppose if Ryan brought you home you know his big secret."

"Well I know one his secrets, whether or not it's his big secret is another matter," Brent replied as he slipped his arm around Ryan's waist with a smile on his face.

"Oh my Ryan you never told me that you had a boyfriend," Grace gushed as she pulled Ryan into a tight hug.

"Mom this is why I didn't tell you. Because I knew that this is how you would react. And before you even ask, no you can't throw a party for me."

"Aww but that's always so much fun."

"What? Embarrassing your only son in front of all his friends who you invite without his permission and all his family?"

"But of course. That is a mother's job after all. To embarrass her child. I swear I read that somewhere in the mother's handbook."

"Oh I see. And I guess I'll take your word on that since you seem to have the handbook memorized."

"I've offered to lend it to you but you keep refusing."

"That's because the handbook doesn't exist mom!"

"I know but still," Grace replied with a smile.

"I give up. Mom we're going up to my room so call us down when supper's ready."

"Ok honey. Have fun," she said with a knowing smile on her face.

Ryan turned quickly toward the stairs to hide the blush that immediately sprung to his face and pulled Brent along behind him as they walked up the stairs.

"So is this how you and your mom act all the time?"

"Pretty much," Ryan replied with an embarrassed smile.

"You're lucky. My mom just ignores me most of the time," Brent replied sadly.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Ryan replied sadly. "I wish everyone could have a relationship like the one I have with my mom."

"I do too," Brent replied as he was pulled through a door into what was obviously Ryan's room. Brent gazed around the room in mild surprise as he saw the posters that Ryan had on his wall. Most were from various animes but he also had a huge Evanescence poster above his TV. After looking at the poster with fascination for a bit Brent turned back to Ryan who was blushing.

"I know you're thinking something about how pathetic I am to like Evanescence but I can't help it," Ryan said as he gazed at the floor.

"Hey that's not it. I was just admiring it since I love their music and listen to them all the time," Brent replied smiling.

"Oh ok then," Ryan replied still blushing.

Brent turned his attention away from the posters and his eyes fell on Ryan's huge CD collection. "Fuck how many CDs do you have?"

"I only have like 150," Ryan replied seriously.

"ONLY!!! I have like 35. I feel quite pathetic right now," Brent exclaimed in mock pain.

"Oh don't be like that," Ryan said as he walked towards Brent who immediately moved towards the CD tower and pulled out one of Ryan's favorite CDs, X Japan. Regrettably Ryan only had one CD by them but was trying desperately to find more.

"Who are they?" Brent asked.

"They're an amazing band from Japan. They broke up though, which sucks so much!"

"I see," Brent replied. "I've never heard any music from Japan," he admitted slightly embarrassed.

"What!?! You have no idea what you're missing! Here I'll put on my favorite song for you," Ryan said excited at the prospect of turning another of his friends into an X Japan fan. Ryan smiled as the first notes of Rusty Nail began to play out of the speakers. "Isn't the singer's voice so sexy?" Ryan asked.

"Yes it really is," Brent replied as he moved toward Brent and pulled into a tight embrace and lowered his lips to meet Ryan's in a passionate kiss. As Ryan's lips parted to allow Brent entry the singer began to whisper which sent shivers up Brent's spine. As their tongues battled for dominance the song continued in the background and even though Brent couldn't understand the words he knew that they were building up to the climax of the song. When he felt Ryan's arms slip around his neck and pull them both backwards onto the bed Brent began to moan. He slowly began to inch Ryan's shirt up over his stomach as the beautiful voice continued on in the background.

"Supper's ready," Grace called from downstairs as the song ended.

Both boys groaned as they got up and headed out the door. "It was just getting to the good part," Ryan grumbled under his breath.

"There's always after supper," Brent whispered as they walked into the kitchen, causing Ryan to shiver, and Grace to smirk at both of them. This sent Ryan into another deep blush as they sat down at the table.

"Sorry. It looks like I interrupted," she said laughingly.

"What makes you say that?" Ryan asked.

"Oh just that mark on the side of your neck," she said grinning.

Brent turned his head quickly to look and sure enough there was a mark on the side of Ryan's neck, "When did I do that?" Brent mumbled under his breath as he thought about it. Right now he remembered, just as the song hit its climax he had begun to suck on the column of Ryan's throat.

"Ok mom enough of this," Ryan replied at his reddest yet.

"Fine, let's just eat then."

"Ok," Ryan replied still blushing but now it was because he was remembering when Brent had given him the mark on his neck.

"Sorry," Brent whispered to Ryan, "I guess I was just caught up in the moment."

"That's ok. I kind of like it, I think," Ryan whispered back.

"Well in that case let's eat quick so we can finish what we started," Brent whispered with passion in his voice.

"Ok," Ryan replied smiling as he quickly began to eat his supper.