Sometimes you just feel like "gunning down romance"
You see it happening all around you. Hands hold hands, arms go around waistlines and the romantic mist seems to envelop everyone but you. You question the whole idea of destiny. You feel as if you'll never find "the one". That is what everyone talks about isnt it? "The one". Every person I know seems to have this notion of the perfect person for them. The traits sought are generally the same. Kindness, compassion, maturity, personality and in most cases, looks. The question is, how many of those people are really out there? Forgive me if i'm wrong, but nowadays, those characteristics arent very rampant. So what you end up with is a plethora of meaningless relationships- relationships with a person whom you knew wasnt "the one" to begin with. There's nothing you can do though. After a stream of empty people cross your path, you learn to lower your expectations and take what comes. On the other hand, maybe you've given up on relationships altogether. You see, the pangs you feel each time you spend time with the person that isnt the one are too biting to bear and so, you choose to shield yourself from the pain. That's all the romantic mist is in a way. It's a mist of reality. Most of those people know they want better but they supress themselves. Dont fall prey to that. Learn to wait out for the one you cant live without.