As the years pass by, surging onward seemingly quicker as we age, it is easy to question if our existence has meaning that will surpass our lives. Will anything of our lives be remembered, especially for some noble cause or perhaps everything will disappear from memory, our whole existence fading quickly? Robert Frost expresses it succinctly in his poem, "The Road Not Taken," and gives thought to how often our paths do diverge from where we possibly thought they might be headed.

How many times do we wonder if we took the wrong path, if our lives would have turned out differently on the another path, the one we didn't choose to follow or didn't see the signpost for? Some people are fortunate to feel that they know the path to choose from the start and stay their course true and steady throughout. Many of us though flounder through life, hoping unceasingly that whatever in our lives that is lacking will be found and fulfilled, if only we keep searching for the path we hope to eventually find.

Would whatever we question as missing be there if we knew for certain that the path chosen was the correct one, the insecurities balanced by the confidence in the path? Relationships, careers, hobbies, all pertain to who and what we have been and certainly point the path to our eventual outcome, whether we recognize it or not.

Are these choices that we make with careful consideration or do they just happen, indeterminately, preordained by fate? Can we change a downward spiral and mine the silver linings from clouds that overtake us during stormy weather, feeling that life is passing by too soon, dreams unfulfilled? Dreams that haunt us with the potential of the heights we have the potential to attain if only we can reach through the distractions to find the correct course when it is ever changing.

Such satisfaction is obtainable, perhaps at some cost to some, but mostly by being ever aware of the choices one has in life, always many choices, positive and negative to navigate. The true challenge is charting the course without a map, finding the avenues that make our souls sing with delightful purpose and contentment. Only then can we be sure that the road taken was the one that was for us to unlock our potential as human beings, giving our existence a meaning beyond the immediate moment.