Author's Note: I am African-American, and I did something different with this poem. I wrote from the perspective of a white woman on her thoughts about her relationship with his black man. Many black women (including myself) have problems with black men dating white women, and I thought that it would help my prejudices if I thought about what she may be thinking.

From Blue Eyes

Statistics state that black men are more likely to date white woman

Than Ebony is to date that young white gentleman named Stan

So I just don't understand

Why black women have a problem with

His fingers being intertwined with mine

Malign words springing from their tongue

Believing that I cater to his every need

And that he's only with me because I'm easy

They just can't see

That we truly care about each other

Our love is colored-blind

And to me there isn't any better kind

But remind me why I

Excuse me "we"

Should care that black women consider him a traitor

Because he prefers a little cream in his coffee

And they all agree

That dating outside the race weakens the black community

So black men with black women is what is needed to keep that unity


Racism does still exist

And there are situations and events that I will never experience

But did you ever hear the expression that two wrongs don't make a right?
You think it's wrong when people hate you

But hating us is alright?

Stop being hypocrites and get a life of your own

We're all people in this race called life so we need to get along

Step out of the racial boundaries and try dating a white man

Because in the end he will do the same for you as a black man can