Let me paint a spider web in your mind

Of colours and dreams and fantasies

Of an endless forest

In an endless summer

In an endless cycle of rebirth.

The sun spills lifeblood on the land

Dampening the green with shines of hope

Dawn breathes new breath

Into a wakening world

Wind stirs and stretches

Stroking the forest from slumber

Dew lies from the dreams of night

And glistens like tears of joy

To catch the eyes of woken creatures

Leaves unfurl softly gently sensually

And cast green wishes on a green ground

Flowers reveal hidden hearts

And draw in the smallest to speak their secrets

The sounds of life fill the air

As love fills a void-

Rivers chatter

Creatures sing

Wind calls

Sweet melodies of notes

Forever unwritten

But forever known.

This endless forest

This endless land

This endless world

Is an unbroken masterpiece

That does not fade

With the breath of time

Nor break by the force of time.

The masterpiece is its own painter

No mortal mind could ever devise

Such wonder in such graceful forms

And nor will mortals

Ever understand

What rebirth means to an endless world

Where hope despair joy sorrow love

Swirl in an eddy pool.

Taste and touch and see and hear

For rebirth brings changes anew

But always holds the past

In its hidden heart.