The grass is always greener on the other side,

I suppose that's why they call envy green.

I wander the streets of Montreal,

Walk by the liars, the cheaters, the bankrupt, the mean.

I just walk by you, and everyone else,

Inconspicuous to whoever you might be.

I suppose that's why people like my way of thinking,

I never judge, we're all the same, I'll let you be free.

The weather is cold, wet and cloudy,

I suppose that's why everyone is in such a bad mood.

It doesn't matter to me in the least,

I'll just sleep, live and eat my food.

Nail polish on the old wooden desk,

Pictures line the walls.

This is my room, my place,

My world where there are no falls.

I hear the train go by as I open the only window,

A draft blows my hair down my face,

I smile until I realize how ridiculous I look,

And my smile disappears without a trace.

Lip-gloss in my pocket,

I go for a walk again.

I ponder life, love and happiness.

The world only needs a when.

When thereis nothing left,

Time will come to an end.

When Happiness fills these washed out streets,

Life will start again.

The light shines on my blonde hair,

It shimmers as the sun comes up.

I pant, I huff, I puff,

I'm tired, I know that is enough.

My world is over,

My time has come.

My walk has come to an end,

As I know I'm done.

Singing, singing, with the music of life.

My ramble, my lifeā€¦

It just goes on and on.