Okay! So...since several people suggested I do something else...I am.
I have no idea where this will go, how it will turn out or anything else. This is just the result of my boredom at work and nothing better to do with my time.
So...yeah, hope you all enjoy if not...well...I don't really care! So...na to you stuck ups! Heh...kidding...don't come kill me in my sleep or something.

All was dark and silent, there was nothing and no one that could possibly know I was here. I silently and stealhily crept up the staircase and paused at the top. I looked left, then right.

"Huh." I muttered, looking left again.

"Hmm." I muttered again, then just shrugged and turned to head to the right. Not like I couldn't just turn around if I were heading in the wrong direction. Just for the hell of it, as I quietly inched my way down the hallway, I started quietly humming the Mission Impossible theme.

I was sneaky, unable to be detected by anything!


The exception being that expensive looking vase that had just shattered at my feet.


Lights flickered on underneath the doors to my right and at the end of the hallway.

Ironically enough I had been going in the wrong direction.

I spun around and bounded back down the hallway towards the stairs before I could be found out anymore thanI already was.


To late.

I turned to make my way down the stairs, at least that was my plan. My shoes were old and the floor was slick (that's my excuse anyway) so instead of gracefully going down the stairs like I had intended to, I went down them headfirst, somersaulted several times, rolled to the side, smacked my head against the banister and landed on the hard floor at the bottom. I laid there in my ungraceful heap for a few moments, then remembered someone had been coming after me so I untangled myself from my awkward position and scrambled up to my feet.

At least they were coming down the stairs in a much better fashion than I was, gave me some time to actually hide somewhere. Question was where was I supposed to hide? I had no idea where I was, or where I could hide. I looked to the stairs again, saw the shadow of the person coming down them and dove into the room to my right, which happened to be a living room.

Thankfully it was carpeted so I didn't make much noise as I dove across the room and landed behind the couch.

Oh yeah, I was one smooth guy.

Whoever had followed my decent down the stairs paused in the entryway to the room I was hiding (cowering) in. I held my breath as they went about grumbling and muttering things I couldn't really understand. I just hoped they weren't there for long, a person can only hold their breath for so long.

There was a familiar sound of something clicking and I stiffened at the thought of what it could be and probably was. I slowly let out my pent up breath before I would be able to go and audition for a role in the smurfs and slowly looked over the top of the couch.

When I realized that my suspicions were correct I was not a happy camper. Guns are just about my least favorite things in the world, along with spiders, cockroaches and cats. So when I saw that gun in this person's hands, up and ready to be fired I let out a rather audible squeak.

Which was rather stupid of me.

I ducked down as they swung around into the room, and restrained myself from clapping my hands over my eyes as the lights flicked on.

"Alright, I know you're in here!" I also resisted the urge to hop up, hold my hands up and whimper, "Please don't kill me!"

Instead I just stayed where I was, trying to stay silent and not bump into anything to give myself away. Which, tonight, I was proving I had a knack for. Whoever they were inched into the room and towards where I was, as soon as they were even with the couch I inched away, hoping to get to the other side and hide behind the chair in the room, and then make a run for it for the kitchen and back door which was where I had let myself in.

Unfortunately there was a table in my way, and I didn't realize it was intent on destroying my plan until I had bumped into it.

"Uh oh." The lamp on the table teetered back and forth, looking ready to topple over any minute, so to save myself from injury I jumped up, steadied the lamp and let out a sigh of relief.

Then I remembered there was a person with a gun in the room. I flashed a quick smile at them, spun, took a running leap out of the living room, slid across the slick floor of the entryway, scrambled up to my feet and looked behind me to see what the hold up was. He was standing in the middle of the living room, struggling with the safeties on the gun.

"Helps if you turn them off!" I shouted, beginning my run into the kitchen.


Helped if I looked where I was going.

I reeled back and landed on my butt and glared up at the door I had run into. I shook my head, hopped up to my feet once again, ran through the kitchen and to the backdoor which was open, guess I'd forgotten to close it after I'd let myself in. Right now I didn't care, it was open and I was running through it.

I bolted out into the backyard, and headed for the fence. Since I couldn't remember where the gate was I attempted to leap over the fence. One leg made it over, but the second decided to have a little get together and hung back for a bit. I landed rather painfully on the hard asphalt of the alley and groaned.

Would you think me stupid if I said I'd just attempted to leap over the gate? I untangled my leg from it's grasp and hobbled down the alley to the car waiting at the end, I climbed into the passengers seat and was greeted with a, "Get it?"


"No? No?!"

"That's what I said."

"Idiot!" The driver leaned over and repeatedly smacked my arms and shoulders. I grabbed her hands, shoved her back to her seat and said, "Just drive would you?! They probably called the cops." She growled, gripped the steering wheel in her hands and sped off into the street without even looking.

I also, really dislike riding in cars.

Especially when they're roaring down the road, swerving in and out of traffic, and the person behind the wheel is mad with rage.

It's just not very fun in my eyes.

"Wanna slow down?!"

"No!" I squeezed my eyes shut until the little car had skidded to a stop in front of the house we had taken over for our supposedly short stay here in town. Which would now probably be lengthened.

"Get out!" I happily hopped out of the car, and turned to face the maddest person in town.

"How could you not get it?!"

"They woke up?"


"Uh...I dunno." She glared at me and went about pacing back and forth in the grass. I just stood there and watched her, or at least until my attention drifted over to the bugs buzzing around under the street light on the corner.

"Hey!" My attention snapped back and I polietly looked at her and asked, "What?"

"Nevermind...just...we'll work this out in the morning. I don't want to look at you right now." I nodded and happily headed up the steps and through the front door, then up the stairs and into the nicely furnished room I'd claimed mine. I fell onto the softest bed that had the softest sheets and fluffiest pillows ever, sighed happily and muttered, "Won't mind staying a couple nights here anyway."