"What's Wrong With This Man, Mom?"

I roam the halls of my household

All the Rights to access all corridors

It is a magnificent house I was told

But I do not venture into the outdoors

I have many visitors, dressed in black

I do not speak to them, for this only cry

They don't seem to notice me, as they turn their back

They stare into my portrait, uttering the words "good-bye"

He lingers in a house he no longer owns

He has never changed, wearing the same clothes

With no memories of that day

"What's wrong with this man, mom?" I say.

Day after day, the same routine is away

Time holds no bound, but I remain

I watch these people come and go

Bored I become in my home

I speak with those in my home

I said many times, " I wish to be alone,"

Becoming angry as they ignore my wishes

Realizing i'm no longer with them

Only this little girl hears and listens to me

But I could not feel the warmth of her beautiful face

She tells me I'm trapped in my house

I am a dead person that continues to be

I lived a long and full life

having no heir, because I had no wife

I fear and hide from the man I was

A selfish and possessive man I was

This is my niece's daughter

She knew my life

I see now what pulled me down

My love for my possessions and self

This love I will live with forever

These are what held me down