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From Body to Sucker


Half of your life you don't notice because everything becomes a habit. You build a routine and expectancy for how an average day should go. All creatures are defined by how they do things. We have a good day when nothing breaks us out of our routine. Ever met someone whose morning routine was interrupted? They're grumpy and miserable for the rest of the day, because their comfort zone was breeched. We all have our odd behaviors and quirks that make us who we are, and when we have to change those things about us to adapt, we in turn change.

About four years ago my routine was interrupted, and I've been pissy about it since.

I was going about my normal routine. After the Slayers had infiltrated Jack's domain in Philadelphia, we relocated back to Boston my home town. Every day I awoke in the Boston Penthouse around six in the afternoon. Immediately I would get dressed and stroll into the bathroom to prepare for another day with Jack.

I brushed my teeth lazily, contemplating on whether or not I should bathe. Jack had grown tired of my poor hygiene and made a rule for me to bathe every other day. I glanced at the glass shower with gold trimmings and came to the decision to disobey. I didn't feel like taking a shower.

The bathroom in this penthouse was connected to the room I shared with Jack. The warm colors of cream, gold, and subtle browns was what I awoke to daily. The counter top that contained two golden bowl-like sinks was a faux marble swirling beige and cream to match the carpet. The Jacuzzi tub and glass shower sat beside each other with no space in between. Brown towels hung from gold bars, and pictures of nude figures lined the walls. The water closet was tucked away in the far right corner the door painted to match the cream on the wall as if to make it disappear. No bright colors or interesting art, no, just elegance and coldness.

I hated this bathroom.

I spat out the remaining toothpaste from my mouth and ignored the designated cup for me to rinse. I instead cupped my hand bringing the water to my mouth, rinsing and proceeded to rub the excess water all over my face. I felt along the cold countertop to find a cold metal fixture holding a towel. I wiped my face off tossing the towel to the side for a pale-face to later pick up and stared blankly at the mirror.

Dull green eyes greeted me this morning like every morning before it. I scoffed at my appearance, my now shoulder length dirty blonde hair was an oily tangle on my head. I smiled softly at my reflection and mused about the past. Two years, it had been two years and only my hair had changed.

Not that I really expected to age. No, Jack the asshole had seen to that. My standard ration of R.B.T. was still given to me every three days to secure my life and my youth. I was twenty three years old and I still barely looked twenty. No wrinkles about my eyes or ageing of my skin. The only difference in my skin was that I was now as pale as the pale-face that owned me.

A knot formed in my stomach. Normally I would stop looking at my reflection and go down the hall to the living room to wait for Jack to rise. I hated looking at my reflection now, it stirred too many memories. I should have walked away from that huge fucking mirror that lined the hated bathroom, but no, my mourning routine was to be disturbed today.

I starred at the mess of me that shown back in the polished glass. It had been two years since I had lost my sister, Izzy. I found her in her former owner's penthouse with a bullet in her back. The bitch had left me here all alone. I changed for the final time in my life that first year without her. Yes, her little Ally had finally grown up.

Tears started to fill my eyes but I sucked them back. I no longer cried, I refused, and crying was a waste of water and energy. Little Ally used to cry, Alex the Assassin did not. I sighed at my reflection disgusted with myself. Bringing up the past this early in the night was never good. I turned to leave but halted when I found a half naked Jack in the door way.

He was leaning his lanky body against the doorframe. His long light brown hair looked no better than mine in the morning and most of it ended up in his face. He wore a pair of red plaid boxers showing off the defined torso and legs he possessed. He flipped his tangled hair out of his eyes and smiled lazily at me.

"Good evening, Alex." He cooed out at me.

I rolled my shoulders to shake off my previous line of thought and greeted him. "Good evening, Jack."

He straightened himself out and approached me. He gently grabbed my upper arm to turn me back towards the mirror and I swallowed a curse. Jack stood behind me with a bland expression on his face. He fiddled with my hair for a moment before giving me a disgusted look through the mirror.

"You need to bathe." Was his simple statement, though I knew that there was no room for argument.

I sighed and stepped away from him in a huff. I still hated it when he ordered me around like some damn dog, but now I knew better than to rock the boat all the time. I quickly stripped out of the white wife beater and orange pants I had planned to wear that night. Showing my dislike of his order I grabbed the door to the glass shower roughly and swung it open, reaching in to turn the water to full blast hot. Without a moments hesitation I stepped in practically slamming the glass door, making it shake in its frame.

I washed quickly like I was trying to break the world record for fastest shower. I turned off the scalding hot water and stepped out ignoring Jack as I toweled off. I was in a pissy mood tonight and I really didn't know why. Something was nagging at the corner of my mind but I ignored it in my frustration.

I bent down in the brown towel that I had secured around me to pick up my clothing. The hair that I was still not used to, clung to my neck and face. I silently wished that Jack would let me cut it. It wasn't practical and I wasn't used to it. The only reason it was shoulder length now and not longer was because I went against Jack's wishes and cut it a year ago. He of course blew up and I was confined to our room for two weeks.

I continued to ignore Jack who was leaning against the counter watching me. I walked toward the counter placing the clothing on it beside him, and with my elbow shoved at his middle so he would give up some room. He didn't budge and I glared at him warning him not to start anything with me this evening. But like I said before we're all creatures of habit and Jack always did have an annoying habit of pushing my buttons.

"You're not really thinking of wearing that, tonight?" He drawled out.

"Yes Jack I am." I snapped while stepping into my yellow thong.

I got done with clasping on my matching yellow bra and was about to put on my wife beater when Jack's hand on my wrist stopped me. I turned to glare at the pale-face beside me. Two years ago I would have flown off the handle at him and we would get in a huge battle about this. Time had passed since then and I had learned to control my temper a bit better in his presence. Jack had also learned not to push me too far, but sometimes did it anyways for a laugh.

"It's not appropriate for tonight love." He stated carefully, rubbing his thumb to caress my wrist.

I quickly took my wrist back from him which made a chuckle escape his mouth. "Don't call me love," I said out of habit. "What's going on tonight?"

The deep laughter that erupted from him made me jump. Great, Jack was playing his patented "I know something you don't", game. I crossed my arms and waited for him to stop. If I was lucky he would tell me what was going on. Unfortunately I was never very lucky to begin with.

"Go put on that outfit I bought for you the other day, and brush your hair. I'll meet you in the living room." He stated while getting up to begin his routine.

I let out another sigh and turned to leave. This was how I lived now. Obeying Jack most of the time and following his plans blindly. Jack and I acted like an old married couple that was ready for divorce but would never do it for whatever reasons. We pushed at each other and when we didn't do that we ignored one another…well I tried to ignore Jack. But he, like always, seemed to have the upper hand. He made me pay attention to him one way or another, and all I could do was tolerate it or fight with him.

The small war with the Slayers had started when I killed their little hero Jeremy Higgs. Jeremy Higgs was the only son of General Ryan Higgs and Commander Andrea Higgs. They were a very famous family along the Slayers and it was for certain that Jeremy would follow on in his father's footsteps and become a feared General himself. I put an end to that when I killed the cocky son of a bitch in a fight to the death organized by Jack himself.

Needless to say Daddy wasn't going to let the death of his only son go unpunished so he organized an attack on Jack and his minions. I originally couldn't have cared one way or the other until my sister Isabelle was killed in the fray. She had nothing to do with Jeremy or any of my other sins. She was an innocent lost to me forever because of a few self-righteous fuckers.

Now I fight willingly on Jack's side until hunt down and destroy Ryan and Andrea Higgs. I had been fighting since Jack offered me the way to my revenge against the two Slayers responsible for the death of my Izzy. The battles were now few and far between the Slayers appearing to loose their footing in fighting us. Jack had soldiers take care of the peons I took care of the important ones. Since the war had begun I had taken out several Admirals, Sergeants and Special Agents. I was feared in the underworld of Slayers and revered in the world of the pale-faces.

I was a reigning badass.

I had done what Jack had asked of me and was now again in front of a wall length mirror to look at myself. My fine hair was still a little damp but it looked okay. The outfit Jack recently bought me had my face scrunched up. It was an emerald dress made of a light airy material in a peasant style. Two thin ribbons held up the bosom which had a matching ribbon beneath. The rest flowed freely and was cut at the knees choppily. I looked like a fucking fairy. The outfit that was fit for Halloween came with wedge sandals that tied up my calves, prissy, prim, and disgusting.

Where the hell was I going looking like I was fresh out of a fairy tale? I turned to glance back at the door that led to the bathroom to see if Jack was still busy. I could hear the shower going and I knew it would be a while before the priss would emerge perfectly coiffed. I turned back towards the wall length mirror reaching up to caress the thin silver band that graced my neck.

It was rather noticeable in this outfit, gleaming out in the well lit room. It was simple, pretty, and the one thing that I hadn't counted on when I agreed to fight for Jack. To the average person it appeared to be a simple silver choker. To me it was the mark of my enslavement. Jack had thought of everything this time 'round and I fell straight into a designated trap.

The collar was Hazel made and powerful. Runes were placed on the inside next to my skin to make the spells work. Spells that were designed by a very old and very powerful witch named Abigail. It prevented me from running away, and from killing vampires without a command from Jack. It also prevented me from killing myself or allowing myself to be killed. If I was separated from Jack, and he call for me, I would lose all self control fighting everything that came in my path until I reunited with the bastard. A true bitch through and through, Abigail even made it to where Jack could think up new restrictions and she would change the runes accordingly.

She was there a week after Jack had prevented me from killing myself, holding the evil pretty charm in an oak velvet lined box. Jack bit me before I could even ask what the hell a Hazel was doing there, and I woke up with the stupid thing on me. And so Abigail became one of the many people on my list of revenge.

The collar was ordered a long time before I was even collected by Jack. It took a long time to make and Jack had failed to ever mention it to me. As long as the witch who made it was still alive it could be adjusted to accommodate the patron. Abigail now lived permanently with Jack as my personal healer and caretaker. She moved into the fortress and promptly became Semoth's replacement.


I snapped my hand away from the collar and shook the thought of him out of my head. I forced myself not to think of him or how I missed him. If I wasn't careful and Jack heard a stray thought of him, he would call for Abigail and I would be confined to the room once again.

I glanced around the room that Jack and I now shared. The walls were painted a solid shade of pale blue-grey. Cream moldings framed the windowless walls. A mahogany bookshelf lined the wall where the bathroom door was. Books and various knick knacks packed the solid shelves. A solid mahogany dresser was on the wall containing the door to the rest of the penthouse. The mirror I was standing idly in front of was to the left of the bedroom door. In it you could see the bed that Jack and I shared every night. Two small circular wooden end tables sat on either side holding a lamp and on the right side an ashtray. The bed itself was made of the same mahogany wood that graced the entire room, including the floors. The bed was a sled style and the headboard contained wooden bars that I had truly grown to hate. The comforter was of a darker grey that I always felt stood out in the room.

I glanced one last time at the mirror before me and stuck my tongue out at it. Turning quickly, I exited the bedroom to wait for Jack in the living room. The wedge sandals clunked on the hard wood floor echoing down the hallway. Pictures of women greeted me as I made my way down, each of their deadened eyes glaring holes through me. These were more of Jack's former pets, all beautiful and very, very dead. I had asked him once how many halls of fame did he actually posses and his answer was that in the hundreds. What amazed me was that he remembered every single one of them. All their quirks and imperfections, how they would talk, all were stored away in his memory. I would find him in the halls staring at a picture or two smiling to himself. I always wondered if he was reliving a moment with them again, or just reliving the taste of their blood. It was because of him doing so that I dubbed the hallway Memory Lane. Unoriginal? I know.

I heard voices before entering the living room. I would actually be shocked if I didn't hear them in there. After we began fighting the Slayers I always had my own entourage about me. Jack decided that I needed the extra protection, and I was actually glad for the companionship. When I finally made it to the living room I smiled down at the "boys".

The living room floor sunk in and I had to walk down stairs to fully enter it. Like the old penthouse there was an amazing fireplace that served as a focal point. The fireplace was made of black marble and above it hung a huge painting of Jack. A small mantle was below the painting holding a single picture. The picture I had drawn for Jack when I was eight.

The walls in the living room were a champagne yellow. Moldings were in black and old vintage wine posters littered the walls. Most of the wine posters depicted Satan or some other demon dancing around bottles of sin. Two black chairs were set diagonally to a large black box that served as a coffee table; across from them a large black sectional couch surrounded the other side of the black box. Black statues of nude figures decorated the corners, and there were three other sets of steps leading to other rooms.

The living room had fallen silent as the three…ahem…gentlemen realized that I had arrived. I held my breath as I waited for them to react to my abnormal attire. Laughter soon filled the room and I crossed my arms to stare at the three men on the couch.

The first one that came to my attention was Charles. He had let his hair grow out due to the change in fashion. It came to his shoulders curling at the ends. He wore a black button up shirt with black slacks and combat boots. Charles and I had bonded over the past few years since we had one common interest we both desired to cling to. Charles had fallen in love with Izzy before she died. We both had lost her and we both were morning her death. I forgave Charles because of the memory of Iz, and Charles protected me. I had actually learned to accept him as some sort of friend.

I broke the eye contact we shared for a moment to glance at Kim who was possibly the only one that didn't laugh. His dark brown eyes sparkled in amusement though the rest of his Korean face showed no emotion. His straight as a board black hair was pulled back in a ponytail the end of which reached his lower back. He wore black slacks and boots as well but unlike Charles he wore a button down white shirt. He and Charles shared a lot of the same fashion sense, if not the same moodiness. But if Charles was moody, Kim was morose. The only time I ever saw him smile was when he was in battle and I hoped to never see that smile directed at me.

The remainder of my entourage was still chuckling at my appearance. Unlike the other two Nathanial, Nate for short, was a werewolf. His short blonde hair was almost platinum in color and he wore a healthy tan. I often wondered if he went to tanning salons to poke fun at the pale-faces he worked for. Like most fluffs a tale-tell ring of yellow circled brown eyes revealing the fact that he was not human. He was also buff looking like the stereotypical body builder. He was devious, and perverted and often got on my bad side. He of course was the first to speak up.

"Whoa Alex, you look…..interesting." He joked at me shooting the others a look.

"Don't push me right now Nate, I'm not in a good mood." I snapped at him stomping toward one of the black chairs and ungracefully plopping myself in it.

"Hey, I'm just trying to be nice. I like the fairy look on you." He sniggered out.

"Well you would know all about being a fairy wouldn't you Nate." I growled at him. His face promptly fell and Charles chuckled.

Charles decided to put his two cents in as well, "I don't blame you for being in a bad mood Alex. I would too if I looked like I just got back from Woodstock."

Nate laughed again and I flipped Charles off. In a matter of moments they had darkened my mood again. I glanced at them all again. Nate was in a nice green suit with a cream shirt, which threw me off. Nate never dressed up. In fact they were all dressed up. This soured my mood further, I hated being out of the loop.

"So does anyone mind telling me what the fuck is going on?" I spat at them.

They all gave me a blank look. Charles' face fell. This sent up warning bells in my head. Charles was upset about something and I knew we weren't going to a battle all dressed up. What did Jack have up his sleeve this time?

"You really don't know?" A voice called out behind me.

I turned to face Jack who was now decked out in a bright red suit with a black shirt underneath. His hair was tied back and perfect, not a strand out of place. He made his way lazily towards me as the other three stood in his presence. I furrowed my brow and glared at him. He was smiling ear to ear at me, showing a lot of fang. I shifted uneasily in my seat when I noticed that his eyes were sparkling. That was a bad sign, a very bad sign.

"I don't think I've ever met someone who actually forgot that it was their anniversary." Jack chuckled out.

My anniversary? It was official Jack had lost it, what anniversary? I glanced around at the others. Charles's expression was dark as was Kim's but Nate was grinning as widely as Jack. What the fuck?

"It's not my…." I started before Jack waved for me to stop talking he was looking at me with furrowed brows.

"Stand up." Was his simple command.

"Jack what the hell is..." I started to growl before he interrupted me again.

"Just stand up Alex, I'll explain in a minute." He growled back at me and I complied.

He looked up and down at me then started to rub his face. I raised an eyebrow thoroughly confused. I looked towards the others for an answer and all of them shrugged.

"The lady in the store said it was the latest fashion for women your age. I didn't think that it would look so…so wrong on you." Jack groaned out.

I stared at him in disbelief earlier he was talking about my anniversary and now he was commenting on the outfit he forced me to wear. Unbelievable, Jack was bitching about the latest fashion.

"You're changing, "he said with a dismissive wave of his hand, "Go put on something nice."

I had reached my limit. I promptly sat my happy-ass down on the chair. I wasn't going to budge from that spot until I had an answer for the impromptu anniversary party. Jack growled at me but I crossed my arms and glared at him.

"I want answers." I stated in a huff, challenging him.

Jack mimicked me crossing his red-clad arms. "Fine….This was the day we caught you two years ago. The day that you were reborn as my pet and my right hand woman. I've wanted to celebrate it for a while now, but things kept coming up."

Charles, Kim and Nate started to move to the other side of the couch. I couldn't blame them, because I was about to lose it. I didn't want to celebrate Jack's victory of claiming me. Could you blame me?

I clenched my jaw and my fists hissing out the words, "I'm not going."

Jack grinned wickedly at me, kneeling down before my chair and placing a hand on each armrest. I was successfully pinned to the spot. I pressed my back into the comfortable chair that had suddenly lost its comfort. Jack tilted his head to the side and his grin became very threatening.

"Oh, yes you are." He chided down at me condescendingly.

I swallowed hard. By the tone in his voice I knew that I was destined to loose this battle, but pride wouldn't let me give up. It was seriously fucked up of him to expect me to want to celebrate my becoming a body. It was a game to him and a reminder of servitude to me. Unfortunately for Jack I didn't want to play.

"No…I'm not." I said in a confident whisper.

Jack pushed himself up by the armrests to bring his mouth to my ear. I instinctively turned my head to the side, so to not look at him in the face. His words in my ear tickled as he hissed his threat. "I've spent a great amount of time on this excursion. If you cancel it I will make sure that you make it worth my efforts."

It didn't take a genius to realize how Jack would make me pay for canceling his party. I shuddered at the thought and Jack returned to kneeling in front of me. I glared down at him making my decision. One way or another Jack was Hell bent on ruining my evening.

"Fine." I growled, when Jack didn't move from his position on the floor I barked, "I said okay!"

Jack rose with a triumphant grin that I wish I could punch off of his sly face. I rose as well, teetering in the wedge sandals and dusting myself off. I glared indigently at Jack and started for the elevators that would take us up. He reached out for me and I turned back towards him before he had the opportunity to grab me.

Jack stiffened slightly at my boldness with him but grinned on. "I told you to change."

In an instant I smiled the falsest smile I could muster. I sauntered up to him and patted his cheek sweetly. I laughed at his glare as I said sickeningly sweet, "But you bought this for me. I wouldn't want to turn down my "anniversary" present. That would be ungrateful of me."

I tried to turn again and this time Jack was quick to stop me. "Don't be a bitch. You don't want to wear that thing as much as I don't want you to."

I blinked at him, and then smiled. He was right I didn't want to wear this hideous thing, but it would embarrass Jack to no end to have to parade me around in his fashion blunder. If I was going to be uncomfortable then so was his stupid vampire ass.

"I'm not changing." I said with full venom, hoping that he would take the hint that I would fight him on this.

This time it was Jack who growled a "fine", as he pulled me towards the steps that would take us to the elevators. I smiled as the others followed us. Thank you Satan for small victories.