The Seductive Game

Under normal circumstances I would've gone to Jack. But normalcy had left a long time ago. No, this time I would wait for the bastard to come to me. If I went to Jack with my request and pandered my wares it could raise suspicion. Because that is exactly what I normally do when I want something from him.

Damn me and my habits.

I sat upon the couch, tilting my head back to look at the ceiling. After a moment I closed my eyes and let my mind wander for the first time in years. It felt so good to be able to do that, but I still strained my ears, so that Jack wouldn't sneak up on me. It wouldn't be a good thing for him to find me deep in thought and curiously try and take a look. Then the jig would be up.

No, I didn't think of Semoth. Well…not right away anyway. I thought of Iz and me as children, sneaking into Pops' files and stealing cookies. That was when the only monsters we saw were on paper. That was when they seemed cool…for lack of a better phrase. The many hours we spent discussing their powers, beauty, and secrecy. Heated arguments of what they thought about, right down to what toothpaste they used. If the rest of the world would have believed us, Iz and I could have started the first teeny-bopper magazine for the supernatural. Imagine the first headline: Undisputed Master of the East Coast uses Baby Shampoo!

Jack used Aquafresh toothpaste.

The irony in knowing that was mind-numbing. I knew more about Jack than Pops ever had on file. His favorite designer was Valentino for women, and Tommy Hilfiger for men. His favorite color was blue. His favorite artist was Waterhouse, but he had yet to acquire a painting. His taste in women…well that varied. Yep, Jack had gone from my boogieman on paper to a real individual. He was an individual that preferred Trance music to other modern day music, and had a deep love of the chic.

It was the small bits of information that had slowly made him less scary. Don't get me wrong Jack was evil, but seeing him freak because his favorite shirt was torn took something from that. It made him more human, more alive. Maybe that was why he took such pride in his things, and appearance. But, what worried me now was how much I knew. How much I had started to notice. Slowly, but surely I was truly accepting everything. Couldn't girlfriends name all of their lover's favorite things?

Dear god I needed to get out of here.

Then that thought brought me to Semoth. What kind of toothpaste did he use? He served me peppermint tea, was that his favorite? Were the people of his world green, or did the color come with the job? If I accepted Bez's offer, could I pick my own color? Which one would Semoth like? Did he miss me?

All thought process broke down as I heard hardwood in Memory Lane creak from supporting Jack's weight. I breathed in deep and let the thoughts fly away. I opened my eyes, and turned my face towards Memory Lane. Jack would soon arrive in all his glory wasting an entrance on me. Briefly, I wondered if he ever got tired of playing Charismatic Pale-face. When he did indeed emerge he seemed to like the idea of casual for tonight. Well fitted dark washed jeans shrouded his legs, as a charcoal grey artistic t-shirt covered his chest. He posed in the doorway for a moment, hands touching the walls either side of him as he leaned forward the tiniest bit. His hair was loose for falling forward and hanging in a dead weight.

He was going for charming young man, and I wasn't falling for it.

"Waiting for a camera?" I asked tiredly.

Jack smiled at me, and stepped further into the room. "I figured you would like my outfit tonight, love. Didn't you ask me just the other day whether or not I ever went casual?"

Yeah, I did, but that was only to insult him. So to answer him I snorted and said, "Don't call me love."

Jack laughed and took up the space on the couch next to me. I shifted to put some distance between us, but not too much. Jack then looked me over, his eyes finally settling on my previously broken ankle. His hand reached out as cool fingers stroked my knee, then my leg, until he was bent forward touching my ankle.

"You went to see Abigail without me." Jack stated before abruptly sitting up.

I nodded my head, and brought my legs up to sit underneath me on the couch. "Nate came and got me, and then we all went to see her." I told him flatly. "It's better now."

"Hmm." Jack hummed before playing with the pink strap of my tank top. "And where are your bodyguards?" he asked matching my own tone in flatness.

"I gave them the night off." I responded staring straight at him. Jack wouldn't be happy with them taking orders from me, but I knew how to work this situation.

"Did you?" He growled lowly a wicked smile playing at his mouth.

I narrowed my eyes. "You're here aren't you?" I asked accusingly. "Unless you're going to leave we don't need them. If something happens then you'll protect me, right?" I argued matching his smile.

Jack leaned back away from me and studied me for a moment. His hand reached up to idly play with my hair. I didn't stop staring at him directly. It was a challenging motion, but crucial to the game. If I started anticipating Jack's whims then it was a good sign for our make believe relationship. It meant that I was acting on Jack's behalf accordingly, just like a good girlfriend should. Problem was, Jack might take it as an attack on his authority.

"After everything that's happened, you trust me to keep you safe?" Jack asked.

Hesitation was a bad thing so I answered quickly. "Yes." Then I thought about it. "Are you having doubts?" I asked with a raise of a brow.

Jack's face went stern for a moment, and I had my answer. The unspoken answer of, yes, Jack wasn't sure if I was safe around him. His face then melted to his normal arrogance. It seemed that it was harder and harder for Jack to keep his emotions from me. Maybe that came with the territory of living with someone?

"In the future Alex, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't dismiss my men without my permission. They follow me. Not you. When you are out on the streets then you may order them about, but here I am master." Jack chastised me coolly.

I swallowed for a moment to take the lump of pride from my throat. They were my men now, and Jack didn't realize it. But I couldn't tell him that, no I had to give him his first dose of the fairy tale. I would administer it until he was as addicted to it as I was R.B.T.

"I thought that you wanted us to be a team Jack?" I questioned steadily. "I'm sorry if I undermined you, but I had a feeling that all you would dismiss them anyway. I thought I would save you the trouble. If it makes you feel any better I had to argue with them for a long time."

Jack's look was astounded. He was pleased with my answer, and I fought back a smile. His eyes widened the tiniest bit, as a genuine smile tugged at his lips. If his heart worked then it probably would be pounding in his chest. I had told him that I had been thinking about the one thing that he'd be wanting for years. For us to be partners in crime for eternity. Not because of revenge, or of ownership, but because I simply acquiesce. Before his face shut down yet again, I saw hope enter Jack's eyes and I had to look away. I had never thought I see that raw of an emotion in Jack's face. He was becoming too personal, too human.

"Are we going to fight now?" I snapped with a groan.

"No." Jack whispered at first, and then cleared his throat to say it more firmly. "No, no fighting. I tire of such things as well. Thank you for your consideration Alex. But it is good for soldiers to only have one leader at a time. Otherwise it could get confusing to where their loyalty lies."

Shit, if he had any idea…

I relaxed letting the cushions of the couch take me as I laid back. With a sigh I fixed my hair so that it was out of my face. It was getting quite long now. Down past my shoulder blades, and I needed to cut it. It was a liability when I was fighting. It could be pulled, or get in my eyes, and that was never good.

"May I cut my hair Jack?" I asked turning towards him. "Please? It's dangerous to keep it this long." I whined as I sat up on my knees facing him.

Jack laughed at me. "I don't know love, it's quite fetching on you." He stated fiddling with it.

"Just to my chin, that's enough to where it won't be in the way." I argued quickly, and then thought of something. "I'll let you do it."

Jack laughed again, and placed a finger under my chin. "You're in a mood tonight. First ordering my men about and now begging for your hair to be cut. Normally you wouldn't care what my men did, and you would've cut your hair without permission if it bothered you enough. Not that I mind the consideration, but I must ask what brought this new Alex on."

I moved my head back from his intruding digit. "Nothing." I lied. When Jack didn't look convinced I played into his suspicions. " Fine. I've been thinking about some things. And I found some things I want to change. Happy now?" I growled out.

Jack's hand found the crook of my neck as he pulled me closer to him. My hands ended up on either side of his legs as I tried to balance my self on the cushions of the couch. His hand then slipped to the back of my head locking me in the awkward position. We ended up staring at each other face to face as he inspected me. His other hand snaked up to my side stroking my ribs lightly with his nails as if he expected xylophone music to start playing.

"What have you been thinking about Alex?" Jack whispered to me as leaned forward to nuzzle my neck. I tried to back away but Jack's hand on the back of my head held firm. "Did you think about last night?" He whispered hotly as his hand on my side dipped to my stomach towards my brand. His hand stopped a millimeter away. I drew in a sharp breath and fought the urge to push away. Jack was testing me.

"You enjoyed our little intimacy in the bathroom last night. I could smell it." He whispered as he lightly nipped at my neck. "Is this new Alex an amorous one?" And with that he dipped his hand further into my shorts brushing against my core.

I let out a strangled breath at his ministrations, and brought a hand up to catch him by the wrist. He stopped and drew his head back to look at me in the face. His look was aroused, but smug as if he had really won. Yet I wasn't ready to play that card quite yet.

"You should be thankful I've given any thought to my behavior at all Jack. But if you want to push things I'll be glad to head bunt you right now." I whispered to him with a smile that should warn him not to push things.

To respond Jack slid his hand out of my pants and placed it on my hip. Then with a quick pull he spilled me into his lap. My hands went to the back of the couch for support and I found myself straddling Jack.

I gulped and with a quick lick of my lips stated, "I'm serious Jack don't push me."

Jack didn't listen as the hand on the back of my head made a fist in my hair and yanked my head to the side. His other arm trapped the rest of my body to him. I struggled only for a moment until my scalp burned from my hair being pulled. I could either behave myself or hurt myself.

Jack licked a line from my collar bone to my ear. "Don't tell me what to do Alex." He growled lowly. "And don't tell me what to be thankful for. You want something from me little girl. I can tell. And though your new behavior is refreshing and delightful I want something a little more from you." Jack then started to squeeze me with need.

Damn he really did miss me.

"Let go of my hair so I can negotiate." I commanded shocking myself at how calmly I did it. Wow. I really was used to Jack's theatrics.

I must have shocked Jack too, because he released me enough so that I could face him again. I rubbed the back of my neck where I could still feel the sting of Jack. Shit. He knew I was after something. But I hadn't done too bad of a job, because if I could convince him to be more generous with me in order to get what we both wanted it would make my job easier.

"Your right I do want something from you." I stated while crossing my arms. "I want a night out with the guys. Just my bodyguards and me. I'm bored to tears cooped up in here all day and night. We don't even have any worthwhile missions right now. I think the fella's really do deserve a nice night out, and well so do I." I finished and held my breath waiting for Jack to respond.

Jack just sat there like a log. His eyes gave nothing away as he just stared straight at me. It made me fidget on his lap. I wasn't sure how my request would sit with him. I just had to try for it. I promised Charles that I would.

After a moment Jack cleared his throat. "You want to go out with just your bodyguards, while Tolko is still on the loose, and your collars not working? Not to mention Slayers are still out there Alex. Not in the droves that they once were, but they are still there." Jack let out a sarcastic laugh. "Absolutely not. I thought I almost lost you once. I'm not going through that again. And why exactly am I not invited for this little outing?"

At the end of Jack's little statement his accent started to slip. That meant that he was mad at me. I didn't want Jack mad I wanted him happy. I needed to get out of here. So I swallowed my pride for a second time that night. I knew what would cure Jack's ego from being hurt. He would of course see through it, but that didn't matter. I just needed his attention.

I lifted my hands up towards his face cautiously. Jack's angry face fell into confusion as I gently placed his hair behind his ears. For a long moment I stared into his eyes, before meeting my lips to his. At first it was just lips then I went for it, parting his lips with my own and slowly slipping my tongue into his mouth. I did this slowly, coxing him into the sensation. For all Jack was, he was still just a man.

He soon followed my lead, and then took over. A hand centered itself on my back as another stroked my face. I pulled his body towards my own, and the action caused me to grind against him. As a small moan rattled in his throat, I pulled back. With a sigh I went to the shell of his ear to whisper my response.

"You pose a threat to my bodyguards. That's why you're not invited. I need to endear the men to me. Charisma caries you a long way in your world, and If I am to be your second, then I need to carry my own weight. Charles and the others guard me only for the threat of you coming after them. If I endear them to me then neither of us will have to worry about loyalty." After I was finished I sat up straight to see his face.

His face was careful. There was no other way to put it. I could see my words mulling around in his pale-face head. Before he could pick my words apart I continued. " I was kidnapped by Tolko on their watch. Maybe if they start to like me, then they'll be more on guard. Think of it as good cop bad cop. I've been surviving here on just purely your threat. I can't do that, not if our little venture for revenge is going to work. If you want me to be in your world then I need my own identity other than Jack's fuck-toy."

Jack's face stayed the same, so I continued my pitch. "I know the risk, but they'll be with me, and I'll be carrying my own weapons. Besides what kind of message do you think it'll send if I go right back out to the field after being kidnapped. Our fame would increase ten-fold."

At this point Jack had heard enough. With a small wave of his hand he silenced me. "So, what you're saying Alex is that you want me to trust you? Forgive me, but in the past when I have done so you continuously fail me." Jack said with a flat tone.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I came back when Tolko let me go. I took your hand in that warehouse two years ago. I have nothing else for me Jack. This is the world I'm restricted in, and well I might as well try to deal with it."

Jack sat there for a moment. Then he started to smile, a smile that pure and simply said victory. I smiled back at him. Man oh man was he falling for it and hard. I was going to get my way, all because Jack wanted what I was offering him. In hind-sight I wish I had done this earlier with him. Maybe he would've been dead already if I had.

But that fantasy was for another day.

"Permission granted then Alex." Jack stated with a slight bow of his head. "You may go and have your night with them tomorrow. Tonight is ours."

I felt the corners of my mouth raise to a full out grin. I felt like dancing, but I knew Jack would be suspicious of a victory dance. I started to rise off of him, so that I could get dressed, but Jack dragged me back down by the neck. He flipped me so that I was underneath him on the couch, his hand slightly choking me. He straddled me while the shock of my new situation settled in.

Jack then leaned down so that I could see nothing but his eyes. The words that flowed forth from his mouth rang with a venomous threat, and Spanish accent. "Do not disappoint me in this Alexandria. If you run from me, I will cripple you to make you stay. I mean it. If I have to whittle you down into nothing but a torso I will. Then there will be no revenge for you or Izzy." Jack's hand started to rub my leg as if to accentuate his point. "You better not fail me Alex."

Jack then let me go as I coughed and rubbed my throat. Jack's hand made it to my hair yet again, petting me gently. "I'll take you up on your offer to let me cut your hair. I like your hair longer, but you're starting to look too much like your sister. Charles will appreciate it though."

Jack then got off of me, and offered me a hand up. I took it glaring at him. Jack laughed as he pulled me upwards. "And that kiss Alex, was a winner. I'll be expecting more from you in the future." His words then turned darker. "Much, much, more."

Heaven help me.