I wish I could have seen through your torn, jagged, dusty sunset dress,

as you danced around me,

weaving sunshine yellow lace through my head.

(you made it look so easy

and I wanted to do the same to you)

and you pounced on me,

telling me that roses and sunflowers didn't belong together,

and then you left me lieing in a pool of yellow thread,

(you made it look like sunshine)

and I wondered if I used the wrong colour,

but that's how I always saw you…

that's how you saw you…

I didn't know yellow and red didn't belong together,

sunflowers and roses…

sunshine and blood?

I always thought they went together

p e r f e c t l y


a/n- hey! I'd really like to know what you acctually think this is about. Does it even make sense? It does have a real meaning, anyway, thankyou!