Chapter Seven: Rematch

Sean stood in front of the consol. In side was the thing he has been searching for. The radiation bomb. It was an orb roughly the size of a basketball. It was black, appeared to be glass but Sean knew it was far stronger than glass. So smooth. So deadly. So perfect.

Sean Transformed into The Zeroex. His right forearm transformed into a silver barrel with spinning rings at the base.

He focused and a blue beam fired out from the weapon. It hit the glass and immediately a thin bluish crystalline coating formed.

HostSean, the infrared lasers have been damaged, and the glass covering has been compromised.

"Thanks," said Sean. He punched through the covering, shattering it into millions of shards

As soon as touched the bomb the lights turned on. On a tall balcony shrouded in darkness. A voice boomed out.

"Well done, Sean, well done," It said.

Sean looked around, for the first time he realized he was in the cargo hold. Hundreds of boxes and barrels were stacked every where. Forklifts were strewn about the room.

Again came voice from above. "So, If you'll so kind as to hand over the bomb."

"Mark?" asked Sean.

"Hardly." From the darkness stepped out the tall marine like old man. Jack.

"The security guy?"

Jack squeezed the railing, keeping his anger in check. "See that's what I'm talking about! I want to be more than just the security guy!"

"Wait…what? I don't understand."

"Look. Those alien mutants are out there right now…all over the country. The government has passed then off as terrorist attacks and methods. But with the mighty Zeroex technology I'll go out and destroy them all! I'll be hero!! Fame, Glory, Fortune! All mine!"

"You were behind keeping me here…and not giving me the bomb."

"Of course! You think I'd let a goody goody destroy my tickets to higher glory, huh?"

"Your insane! The Xercon aren't like your average threat! Only battle organisms can defeat them! You don't have a right!"

"I have every right!" Screamed Jack nearly jumping over the railing, spittle and peppered to ground, veins in his neck nearly popping. "Those suit wearing pencil pushers at this cursed foundations stuck me here in the middle of nowhere! I can't do anything! I'm a solider! A solider that needs a war! And at long last I found one."

"No. I won't let you."

"You have no choice I'm afraid."

The large bulkhead doors under opened under the balcony. Out from the light walks Jennifer, her eyes red, tears sreaming down her face.

"I'm sorry Sean."

"You don't have to do it Jen!"

"Yes she does," came Jack's voice from above. Two armed guards brought out mark, bound by hands and feet. His face battered and bloody. "If Jennifer doesn't fight you, Mark dies. You see I never thought you'd give up the bomb or the Zeroexathos. So I intend to take it from you!"

"Don't do it Jennifer…It's not….worth it," sputtered Mark

Jennifer looked at Sean. "I'm sorry…but I can't let Mark die…I…I love him."

"I understand, Jen. But you do realize I won't hold back. I wont stop. I'll kill you If it means saving mankind."

"I know." with that she slowly reached down and touched one of her rings, shaped like a butterfly. It flashed twice then was silenced.

Jennifer transformed into The Serotix. With a flick of her wrists A nearly three foot long blade jutted out from the back of her hands. Sean activated his hand blades.

"Excellent," smiled Jack as the two combatants ran at each other.

U.S Army Anti-Terrorist Base.

Brooklyn, New York.

2:56 a.m

"I can get it!" yelled Robert slamming his fist on the table.

"Robert, It isn't a contractors job anymore. This is a matter of national security. We need that weapon to defeat these creatures," said Commander Nicolas.

"It took my son, Nicolas!"

"Yes that's the other thing…you've become emotionally attacked to the case.

I'm taking you off. Go home, sleep. Your clearance has been revoked. Stay away from here. Please, Rob. I don't want to see you hurt or even killed."

Robert clenched his fists in rage. "You'll regret this Nicolas! Mark my words."

He stormed out of the tent into the cold rain. He walked up to a jeep.

"Take Me to my house. A little girl has a lot of explaining to do."

"Sir…how did it go with Nicolas?"

"He…he congratulated me on my skills in combat…send a retrieval team to my home as well."

"Yes sir."

The jeep sped off into the rain. Commander Nicolas emerged from the command tent.

"Lieutenant Villas," He said. A measly man in a soldier's uniform walked up and nervously addressed the Commander.


"I want Robert Lexington followed…he has become a danger to the capture of the armor."

"At once." Lieutenant Villas stalked away to another jeep.

A solder ran up the commander. He was battered and had several injuries. He panted and looked as if he was close to death.

"What is it son?" said Commander Nicolas rushing him into the warmth of the tent.

"They're every where, Commander. Those things. Killed every man in my squad except three. Sectors 5 through 19 are compromised, everything's destroyed…tore apart.. I -I went through them myself…no ones left. Bodies…everywhere, women, children, solders, all…gone. I -I lost my brother…held him in my arms…when he-he." The solider broke down and began to cry hard into his hands.

Two solders, a doctor, and a nurse came into the tent and took the solder away.

"5-5 through 19, but that's…t-that's nearly half of New York. Dear God it's getting worse by the minute.