Chapter Two


Zaid Sneaked pass the Patrollers. Not many people allowed out of the town. At rare times, did Zaid go to another town. There was a time when he had to go to the neighboring town called Minester. He and his brother went to Minester to sell some of the fish that they caught because it was selling in Hubbordock. Minster was a mining town and did not have a dock of any kind. There was times when fish was selling at a very high price. This was good with the rising of the price of magic.

Zaid went through the underground sewers to get to the cave. thou the Patrollers did patrol the sewers; they did not do it very well. Many of them did not like the sewer patrol. Many of them slacked off on this part of the job. They only stayed around the openings. They did not go deep into the sewers. Because of this, Zaid learnt where the weakest parts were.

It Was not that long before he got to the cave. He had to climb the mountain a bit, but it was worth it. Nice and quiet, it was just what Zaid was looking for.

Slowly he walked into the mysterious cave. Mist covered its floor. It was nice and warm.

Dreamingly, Zaid turned on a light that he had put there many years back. He sat down, looking at the many bizarre writing that covered the great walls of the cave. They were there before Zaid came to it, many years back. He had said to himself many times that it was thousands of years old. He did not know if that was right or not.

'What are you looking at kid', a voice appeared behind him.

'What', Zaid Replied

'Your looking at a empty wall', the man said.

'No I'm not', Zaid said.

'So what are you looking at then?'

'These stranger symbols', Zaid turned around to see the Senser he saw early a the town hall. Zaid quickly jumped up. He was Scared. He did not know what to do.

'Can you write the symbols on the floor so I can see', the Senser said.

'Okay'. Zaid sat down on the floor and wrote some of the symbols on the sand that covered the floor. The Senser studied them carefully.

'The legend is true then', he said.

'The what?'

'The great seeing of the code'.

'You mean this code. What does that mean?' asked Zaid.

'This code hasn't been seen by anyone over ten thousand years', he explain.

'Is that how old this writing is', Zaid discovered.

'It is older then that. A lot older. Anyway, my name is Kader', he said.

'So what does this got to do with me', asked Zaid.

'When I was part of the council of Sensers, I saw many bad truths. The Sensers are taking the Tapper and forcing them to tap into the magic and turning it into mana'.

'So that where this magic is coming from'.

'It is a bit more complicated than that', Kader said.

'So what is going on then that making the prices rise', Zaid started to wonder.

'The Magic we are using is running out. Soon there will not be anymore of it. If this happens, the great Stagnation will repeat itself'.

Zaid began to be shocked.

'This is the reason why. What do you do now?' asked Zaid.

'I work for the River Town Underground. I am now a rebel. I go through the lands finding Tappers for the underground. I then take them to River Town'.

'Why there?' asked Zaid

'So that we can hind them. Now you are a different story. We don't usually protect Wielders, but you're the key to this problem'.

'Why, what do I have to do?'

'I am going to have to take you to river town. I need you to look at some codes and write them down in the order that you see them in'.

'What so important about this writing is that it is the key to restore magic'.

'And I guess that I am the only person that can see it'.

'Yeah, and I need you come as so as you can'.

'When?' asked Zaid.

'Tonight. I will be waiting outside of Hubbordock, near to the Gor Forest'.

'Okay', Said Zaid.

'When you pack, get some pare off snow gloves', Kader said.

'Why', Zaid said.

'Because it makes it easier to wield a sword'.

'Okay, I think I've still got some from the snow season that came to Hubbordock, a few years go', Zaid tried to remember. 'Bye'.

As fast as he could, Zaid climbed out of the cave. Kader stayed put. Across the stony path and up into the gates which leaded into the Sewers, Zaid went. The rats crawled away is he walked pass. It was a long journey home, it toke an hour or so. This was the reason why he stopped doing this for a long time.

After a long walk back, Zaid got to his friends house. He threw a stone at Shihab's window.

'What is it', said Shihab as he opened the window.

'I'm leaving'.


'Come down and I will tell you', Zaid said.

'Okay, I will be down in a sec'.

Zaid hear he tip toeing of Shihab walking down the stairs. Shihab opened the door.

'So what were you going to say to me?' Shihab asked.

'I have to leave Hubbordock'.

'Because I saw the Senser'.

'What. Don't tell me you're a Tapper'.

'No, it is not that'.

'So what is it then', Shihab asked.

'I see writing that no one else can see', Answered Zaid.

'Sounds Freaky'.

'And also I found out why Magic is running out. The Senser explained it all', Said Zaid.

'So what is going on', Shihab wanted to find out.

'It looks like Magic is running out'.

'So I bet you're the man to stop it'.

'I'm leaving for Hubbordock tonight'.

'Can I come', Shihab asked. 'It looks like I don't have a future here. This may be the best thing to do. River town may be a new start'.

'Okay', Zaid, 'come to the sewers in about ten minute'.

'Cool, I have time to pack me bag then'.

'Before I go, I have something else to tell you'.

'What is it?'

'There is a Tapper here as well'.

'Where', asked Shihab'.

'I do not know where he is now but I saw him in the bar a few hours ago. I do not know if I should tell this to this Senser or not'.

'My opinion is to not tell him. The thing is, is that I do not trust the guy', said Shihab

'Me too but how he talked to me was as if as if he wanted to help me'.

'What ever you do, don't tell him anything about this Tapper. Not before you find out little bit more about him.'

'Okay, I won't tell him then. By the way, a think it is a good idea to take your snow gloves', Zaid said.


'This journey may mean sword battles'.

'Okay, I will try to remember that. See ya soon then'.


Shihab walked inside and closed the door gently. Zaid began to walk home. He had to pack his bag with out anyone knowing. He swiftly moved through the night.

He tiptoed his foot across the bar, up the stairs and into his room. His Brother was a sleep. He grabbed his bag an started to stuff clothing into it.

'What your doing', a sleepy voice said.

'Tariq, what are you' doing up'.

'I was wondering what your doing', asked Tariq.


'So why are you putting your climbing gloves on'.

'I'm going for a month or so', answered Zaid.

'Can I come', Tariq solicited.



'It's too dangerous', Zaid implicit.


'Okay, I just don't want you to come'.

'You get to do all the cool stuff'.

'It not that. It because I think it is too dangerous for you'.

'I tried to not get in trouble'.

'I can't trust you on that. Remember when I told you not to go up that really tall tree'.

'I'm different now'.

'Still you could something like that again'.

'I Promise I do won't something like that again'.

'But the thing is, is that you don listen to me. Even when you say you promise'.

'Can you just trust me this once'.

'As I said before, I just can't trust you'.

'Your mean', Tariq yelled out. He suddenly stomped out of the room'.

Zaid Continued to pack his bag. When had finish to pack his bag, he put it on his back and went into the living room. Tariq had gone to bed. He turned the hollow vision off. He turned towards the door. Steadily, he walked down it.

He grabbed a bottle of water and he put it in on of the side pockets of his bag. He walked out of the lonely bar. He had one more look at the "Whitewater Tavern". It was going to be the last time he would ever see this bar.

'Good bye home', Zaid softly said to himself. 'Good bye. Thank you for the good times'.

With out wasting time, he walked down the small street. He looked at all the buildings that he passed. It was hard to think that he was leaving his hometown for good. He was going to start a great journey. He was going to go to another country, another continent. He could one day go to the Evergreen City, the capital city of the world. Zaid had seen many maps showing many parts of the world. He had dreamed many times to go there, and now it could someday come true.

Zaid came onto the main street. He sneaked pass some off the Patrollers. He did not want to be caught. He soon came to the sewers. Shihab was there waiting.

'What took you so long?' asked Shihab.

'Had problems with my brother'.

'Don't tell me that he wanted to come too'.

'Yeah, but as you can see, I have not let him do so', Zaid elucidated.

'I don't know. You're maybe going a little bit hard on him'.

'But this could be too hard for him'.

'Acting as if you are his father'.

'But the thing is, is that I am like a dad to him. Now he is not listening. He is beginning to go against my word'.

'Why don't you just try to be more like an order', said Shihab.

'Your right there but I am not letting him come with. Now let's move on'.


They began to voyage down the sewers. The sewers were flooded by green muddy water. It was everywhere. Rats crawled across the walls.

'That is really gross', Shihab said as he looked at the water he pass walking through.

They traveled slowly. Zaid was looking for the weak spots. The places that the Patrollers do not go down.

'I think this is the way', Zaid tried to remember.

'I hope your right', Said Shihab.

They carefully walked own the narrow pathway.

'Stop', Zaid whispered to Shihab.

'What is it?' Shihab asked.


'I thought you know that the Patrollers didn't go do these parts'.

'I did. Looks like as if they working properly now'.

'Let's go back', Shihab tried to authority.

'No, I am going to listen to what they are talking about'.

'Okay, but be quick'.

Zaid hid behind the corner, watching the two Patrollers talk. The Patrollers wore a plain grey clothing and rusting armor used by other Patrollers before them. Their uniform was dirty, due to the Sewers.

'I wonder where they gone', one of them said.

'Our commander said that one of them had dark brown curly hair. A witness said that he had seen them come in here', the other said.

'Does he know who they are and what they are trying to do?' the first one asked.

'No but some of the others are trying to work it out. They were at the town hall at the same time as that fake Senser was there'.

'Fake', Zaid said to himself.

'Hay, did you just hear that', the younger looking Patroller said.

'No, but let's check it out anyway'.

The Patrollers started to walk in Zaids direction.

'I think I see something'.

'Me too', the other one said.

They both draw out their staff.

'Get back', Zaid softly said to Shihab.

'What have you gotten us into', Shihab asked.

'Something really bad', answered Zaid.

'I can hear them talking', one of the Patrollers said.

They were closing in onto Zaid and Shihab

'There is nowhere to hide', Shihab started to panic.

'I've got us into this mess and I am going to get us out of it', Zaid said.

'Well think fast because we are about t die if you don't', Shihab cried out.

The Patrollers were drawing closer. Very close.

'Almost got them', one of them said.

'Attack on my mark', the other one said.

Zaid started to bite his lips. They were near. Too near. It felt like forever, but it was going to happen. They were going to be caught. It was not long now.

'I think they are behind this corner. I saw one look at us behind that tunnel', the older Patroller said.

'Let's keep moving not talking', the other one said.

'Remember who is in charge', the other hissed back.

'Yes sir'.

Cant they just come, Zaid thought to himself. What is taking them so long?

'I can't take it anymore', Shihab was still panicking.

'It is not that long now', Zaid.

'Just can't take it anymore', Shihab cried out.

'Just hold it for a little bit longer', Zaid replied.

'Almost found them', the young Patroller said.

'Let's just keep moving'.

'They've almost found us', Zaid said.

The two Patroller turned the corner to find nothing.

'But I thought I just saw one of them. I am sure of it. A hundred percent', the younger Patroller said.

'Look Dave, they are not there', the other tried to explain.

'But', the one that Zaid thought was called Dave said.

'Let's just go'.


The two Patrollers marched off. Zaid and Shihab stayed where they were until they both know that the Patrollers where gone.

'Let's get down now', Zaid said.

Zaid and Shihab climbed down from where they were. They were on the ceiling, like a spider. The had been some tubes on the ceilings of the sewers. Zaids arms were hurting.

'That was a close one', said Zaid.

'You can say that again', Shihab responded.

'Yeah, that was really scary. I just then thought I was going to die'.

'Me too'.

'Well let's get moving. Kader will be wondering where we are'.

'Who?' asked Shihab.

'That is the Sensers name'.

'Yeah, I will try to remember that name', said.

'Let's keep moving before the Patrollers come back'.


They began to move on.


'I can't believe just lost them. No only do we have a fake Senser, we have escapees too. I though you patrolled the sewer, not play around', the very young Senser said. He walked back and forward at his desk. He was also tapping his feet.

'We almost found them but', the Patroller that was at the sewers said.

'But what', the Senser tried to force out of the man.

'They got away some how'.

'What way do you think escaped?'

'I don't know'.

'Maybe next time you should look up. There is piping through out the sewers. It could be easy to climb up there and hang, couldn't it'.

'Maybe it could be that'.

'Yeah, now get out of my sight', the fuming Senser yelled.


'You pissed me of once; I am not allowing you to do it again'.

'Please sir, no!' he yelled in pain.

The Senser shot a bolt of thunder the Patroller. The room began to smell of something bad. The body laid there dead.

'He pissed me off', he said to himself.

He looked over to a 3-D Hollow Vision. On there was a bold old man. He began to talk to the younger Senser in real time.

'Have you found him yet', he said.

'No not yet, my master. I have more important news, there is going to be no fish stock from Hubbordock for a few months now, if made it so bad that they cant fish in it anymore'.

'Great, now go to Hook Town and do it there. You are being more useful then I thought. Soon only River town will supply the world with fish'.

'Yes master'.

'Now travel through Gor forest, no one goes there anymore. No one has been in the temple that had been planted there for thousands of years. If you find some one there, even if it is that fake Senser, kill it'.

'I will do it master', the young Senser replied.

'Now leave as soon as possible'.

'Yes master'.

'Go now'.

The younger Senser turned off the HV and turned there light off. He then walked out of the room. He closed the door.

'Bring a group of your best Patroller', he said to someone.

'So what do you have in mind', a voice said.

'Someone that has never done the sewers patrol before', he replied.

'Is that all', said the voice.

'Yes, now I will leave as soon as I can'.

Back at the Sewers…

Zaid and Shihab quickly walked away from the sewers, trying to get away from the bad smell.

'Finally we are out'.

'Yeah, I hate the smell of sewers'; Shihab started to wave his hand over his noise. 'Do they ever clean it?'

'Looks like they don't', Zaid replied as if he was going to throw up.

'Next time we have to go into the sewers, I am staying outside'.


'Yeah no lets go find Kader, where ever he is'.

Shihab and Zaid slowly walked away from the opening tunnel of the sewers and of to find Kader.