Revival Of Subtle Emotion

I loved him in all his vain and horrid glory. I was beautiful as well so why should we not be together? Beauty and beauty bound together eternally. But it was not to be. No matter how I tried he would not give me the affection for which I so yearned. And so I cursed us both, our fates inextricably entwined for all eternity... But my bitterness manifested itself in the curse and while I retained my beauty in my new form he became the monster that his gorgeous exterior had hidden. Yet it was still salvageable for while he remained a beast I knew that no one else could love him. No one could steal him from me.

He was forced to love me, for when I died his life would end as well. While he had become the Beast I was the Rose and while he couldn't love me as a human he had to care for me as a flower. Was it so wrong? I loved him, and all I wanted was some affection for I knew love was too much to ask for. I wanted him to belong to me and only me. For centuries we lived in peace together giving each other whatever comfort we could offer though he never knew who I had been. How could he know when he never even knew I existed as anything but an innocent rose?

Of course he had to go and misinterpret my curse and ruin everything. Before turning myself to a rose I had sent the curse on the winds to my beloved. I do not remember the exact words but it basically just said that he would become a beast for forsaking beauty. It also said that if there was no love both the rose and the beast would die together, and only with true love could reality be restored. That fool did not realize that I was the one he was supposed to love. And so I watched as he lured maiden after maiden to our haven hoping that one would love him and break the enchantment. Of course it never worked. At least it didn't work for five hundred years, but then She came along.

And now I am dying.

"Beast! Come sit with me in the garden," her voice echoes through the palace, mocking my failure. Everyday I feel my love slipping farther from me into her human embrace. I feel him longing to be human again so he can be with her forever. Everyday another petal withers and falls and he sees it as a sign that he is running out of time to make her, Serenity, love him. If I were still human I'd kill her but as I rose I can do no more but wait and mourn as my dreams evaporate into obscurity. I have but one day left to either make her leave and slip into eternity with my love, or die as they live happily ever after. There is no hope for me.

I see how her eyes sparkle as he enters the room, and I see how tenderly he wraps her in blankets when she falls asleep in the garden. They love each other, and if they weren't so dense they would've admitted it by now. All she has to do to break the curse is say those three little words 'I love you,' and they will have their happy ending. For five hundred years I have been by his side only to be tossed aside by some plain little orphan found stumbling lost in a blizzard.

"Serenity, when the last petal falls from my rose I will die unless you can break my curse." He called me his rose, and I can't help but hope when I hear those words. 'Tis a cruel spell I placed upon myself, far worse then the one placed upon him for I can't ever speak. I can't even say I love him.

"You can't die! I know you can't tell me how to break the curse, but can't you find some way to keep the rose from dying?" She is crying, and I can't help but celebrate. Maybe, just maybe my beast's love is too stupid to break my spell and I will win after all.

He is holding her now. My darling's arms are wrapped around that brat who could never even hope to deserve him. He is mine! "I love you Serenity," as those dreadful words leave his mouth the last petal is ripped away from, falling until it hits the cold hard ground and we both die together. He has killed me, but victory is still mine for we shall be together in death as we should've been in life. He will love me.

"I love you too Beast! I love you so much! You cannot abandon me, you can't!" She buries her tear–streaked face in his hair and I see how quickly the tides can turn when true love is involved. Just seconds ago I thought I would win my bittersweet victory, and now... And now I am dying. Alone. He shall become his beautiful human self yet again, but I shall not receive the comfort of seeing him restored to his true self for even now the world is shadowed. I can hear the threads of my spell cracking, the magic unraveling around him as well as myself. I am no longer a rose, but it doesn't matter for he has eyes for none but his beloved. At least now I can say the words I've held for so long, the words he'll never hear my voice say, "I love you..."

I belonged to him from the moment I saw him in the garden, and he shall have my love for all eternity.

He owns my heart even though I could never reach his.


A/N: A tragic retelling of my favorite story: Beauty and The Beast. This is probably the most depressing thing I've ever written, but I couldn't help but feel that the character of The Rose had been neglected for far too long. I know this isn't that well written, and I'll probably re-write it eventually anyways, but I'd really love to have some feedback from anyone who took the time to read this. Thank you.

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