Today is going to be fantastic, thought AJ. He had just gotten his paycheck and, apparently, a nice little bonus to go with it.

AJ was one of those insignificant employees who worked on a computer in a cubicle all day, letting some people step all over him, and hoping all the rest ignored him. On the other hand, he was a very hard worker, so when people took advantage of this combined with his submissive nature, it didn't really set him back too much.

The only reason it didn't set him back, however, is because AJ lived in a very materialistic world. Money and work were the two most important things because, quite frankly, he lacked the social skills to prioritize any differently.

The truth is that AJ had simply never been good with people. He didn't particularly like them, so he didn't tend to associate with them unless forced. They usually just took advantage of his indifference anyway.

Nonetheless, AJ did not consider himself an unhappy person. In fact, his peers not only envied his life – they coveted it. Basically, AJ was doing pretty well for himself. While he may have been "insignificant' in the big scheme of things, AJ made his coworkers look bad with his hard-working habits. Their lazy, apathetic work never seemed to compare with the efficiency and diligence with which AJ was so often associated.

And for the past several years, AJ had missed out on so many relationships, all for a little bonus every few months or so.

All for a little money.

AJ grinned. Today really will be phenomenal.