Bound & Gagged
by: trista groulx

I bound myself to a dream, Or perhaps 'twas a lie
I bound myself as I swore I never would
I quickly shattered as a falsity crumbled 'fore my eyes
I bound myself to an ideal I felt I needed
Whilst gagging the voice which yelled; "Freedom!"
I bound myself to what I felt was love,
For they told me that is what every heart desires
But now I see 'twas just the grandest of lies
Lies, I made myself whole heartedly believe
A feeling, a desire, a peice I once made fit
But now can see was always a forced connection
A square peg made to fit a circular slot
I bound myself to a dream, Or perhaps 'twas a lie
I now see, as I slowly remove the binds
That it was someone else's dreams and goal
Which I had just unboud myself from
I speak clearly once again without my gag
With my real voice, and my truest revealations
I feel once again, as I allow myself my freedom
Something for which I've always fought
A kind of freedom which I have always longed
However I forgot to remember what I needed
I bound myself to another's dream
And lost myself in the shadow of those lies
For now I have set myself free, and set free the lies
Now longer shall I be bound and gagged
Never again will allow love to bind nor gag
For I am free, that is how I long to stay
No more lover's little lies to bind and gag
For my freedom is stronger then any desire for love