Three Weeks Later

Sara's hands were shaking. She never thought that she would be nervous on her wedding day, but she couldn't stop the shakes.

Madison watched her sister pace the tile floor in the kitchen in her heels and flowing designer white dress and smiled. It was nice to see her perfect sister freaking out about something frivolous for once.

"Sara, relax. You're only getting married to the most perfect man for you. It's not like you have to face down a psycho with a gun again."

"Ugh. Please, don't remind me of that on my wedding day Madison. I want to keep this day happy."

"Nothing could put a damper on your day," Brianna said, as she swept into the kitchen, her hair piled softly onto her head by Alton who had flown from New York personally for Sara's big day.

Alton and his favorite makeup artist had done Sara's, Brianna's, and Madison's hair and makeup for the ceremony. Following Sara's directions to keep everything natural and easy, Alton had worked his magic on the three Regency women's hair. Madison's and Brianna's were soft up-dos and their makeup done to accent their natural beauty.

Sara's hair softly curled and framed her face, pulled back from her eyes by heirloom hair combs. A short veil rested on her head and draped elegantly down to her elbows. Her brilliant green eyes were accentuated by eye shadow and liner – waterproof, knowing her history with tears and weddings.

The dress itself was simple and elegant, if designed by one of the biggest names in the fashion world. A long sheath of ivory satin flowed elegantly down Sara's lean frame, dragging out behind her for a short train. Thin cap sleeves trailed off into an A-line neck, and a thick ribbon in the lightest of pinks wrapped around the highest part of Sara's waist in the empire styling. Small, intricate beading was worked around the hem of the dress, creating a glittering effect that was sure to sparkle in the bright sun.

It was a simple dress, elegant and fitted Sara to a tee.

"Look at my baby girl, all grown up and getting married." Tears shone in Brianna's eyes as she smiled at Sara.

"Don't cry Mama. I haven't even started to walk down the aisle yet."

"That's why I'm extremely thankful the makeup gods invented waterproof mascara. Now, you're sure he's the one?"

Sara smiled and for the first time all day, the nerves shot out of her body. "Absolutely sure."

"Good." Brianna gave Sara a hug, making sure not to mess up her daughter's hair. "Now where is your father? He has to give you away."

"We could just start without him," Madison joked, and had to deal with Sara's killer glare. "Geeze, calm down, it was a joke. Chill. Dad's just running late – like always. You think he would miss his daughter's wedding? I mean, I know I'm the favorite but I think he loves you enough to show up."

"Talking about me again?" Nick asked as he walked in from outside where he had been greeting guests.

"Always. We were beginning to wonder where you'd gone," Sara said.

"I was being cornered by one of Ryan's aunts. Or maybe it was cousins. Who knew an only child had so many relatives? They were starting to wonder if there was ever going to be a ceremony."

"Waiting on you Dad, like always."

"Ready to be given away?" Nick asked, looking down at his daughter through teary eyes.

"Dad, you can try all you want, you'll never get rid of me." She wrapped her arms around her father's waist and held on, smelling the cologne he wore only for special occasions, the same scent that he'd been wearing since his children had bought it for a Christmas present when they were young.

"I love you, Daddy."

"And I love you too, Squirt. Now let's go get you married off so we can finally make your bedroom into that library your mother's been after."

Sara laughed as she linked her arm with her father, standing in line behind her mother and sister as they waited for the music to sound.

As she walked down the aisle, she watched Ryan with an intensity he'd never seen in her. Love shone in her eyes, even through the tears that shimmered in the sunlight. She gripped Ryan's hand tightly when her father passed her over to him and together they walked toward their future.

Oh my.

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