A boy will pull your hair and
He will call you dirty names.
He'll rip your Barbie's head off
And he'll ruin all your games.
He'll get your dresses muddy
And will never learn to see
That all you really wanted
Was for him to come to tea.
But as he grows, he'll find that
Girls aren't really all that bad.
He'll even start regretting all
Those times he made you sad.
He'll try to compliment you on
Your hair or on your smile.
He'll even hold your hand or
Say "I love you" for a while.
But the thing about this boy
Is that you don't know what he'll do
When he has to choose between
A more "attractive" girl and you.
So as he turns and leaves you,
You'll let out a weary sigh.
The only thing he's ever learned
Is how to make you cry.