"Why don't you just screw off you fucking bitch!" Lindsey De Luca drawled out loud in front of her friends. In front of the school loser that everyone hated but loved to make fun of.

It was a Monday morning and Lindsey, being the most popular girl in school was making her rounds of making everyone else feel like shit. Her big brown eyes flashed and her light reddish orange hair glimmered under the lights of the school hallway. All 16 years of her made everyone around her swoon as she walked, talked and lived. She was so glamorous and beautiful, she could have easily been on magazine covers and ads. She seemed so perfect, so awesome except for the fact that she was a cold hard bitch.

"Listen, why don't you run along to the library and fuck a book, since you'll never really get any," Lindsey went on. Her cronies laughed hysterically behind her at the loser standing before them. "Stop looking at me like that, Jackie." It was the way Lindsey said her name that made Jackie cringe.

Jackie wasn't always a loser; she was the most popular girl at her old school...In Alabama. Now, for a month, her family lived in the rich parts of Chicago where all the preps, cheerleaders, jocks and hotties resided. Jackie was just a southern girl who was 16 and knew next to nothing about sex, drugs and partying. She watched on in agonizing pain as the group of girls in front of her mocked and teased her. She would always hear "Why don't you go back to hickville" or "Go fuck a cow" and it went even worse than that.

Jackie had an older brother and sister but they were in University and doing well. They didn't have to deal with the pressures of Maplewood Highschool. She didn't want to tell her parents because they were having financial problems because of moving to Chicago. Her dad received a job opportunity at Chicago's Highest ranking law firm and they just had to move. However, he hadn't started working until today. Jackie's mom was a teacher at Maplewood Elementary, but that only earned enough money for food and other needs. Jackie was really zoned out and just waited for the abuse to stop so she could walk down the hall to class.

"Jackie, Jackie oh so tacky?" Lindsey sing-songed. Jackie looked down at her blue and white plaid shirt and baggy navy khakis. "Are you there?" Lindsey snickered. Her friends were busy laughing along as well as the many people now walking by.

Unfortunately for Jackie it was a warm summer's day and she was wearing on the totally wrong attire. Lindsey on the other hand had on a blue denim mini-skirt and light pink, skin tight, t-shirt. Her friends and most of the other girls in the school were dressed similarly.

Lindsey always had friends and acquaintances to be around. Jackie only had herself to play off of. She never talked back or looked anyone in the eye. Lindsey would always be the instigator of the abuse. Jackie thought maybe, just maybe someone would help her out, but not when it came to Lindsey De Luca.

Jackie missed her friends so much. They didn't care how people looked or what they did or didn't have. Back in Midland Alabama, everyone was kind and friendly. You could walk down Main Street and everyone would give a smile and wave. There were only 10, 000 people 1 high school and 5 elementary schools. It was like the ideal life for Jackie. But now it was the total opposite. The nicest look Jackie would get these days was a scowl. Even the teachers couldn't help, no one could help. Jackie figured, if she could just hold off for two more years she'd be okay. She was an A student and had dreams of being a paediatrician or an astronomer, something professional where people would notice her. Jackie wasn't ugly, but she definitely didn't wear on makeup. Her blonde hair cascaded down over her shoulders and her translucent grey-blue eyes sparkled when she was happy. Her tan skin from Midland was soft and glowing.

"Gosh, like, how stupid can someone be?" Lindsey asked out loud snapping Jackie back to her mortifying reality. Her giddy friends cackled yet again. Lindsey stepped up right in front of Jackie and the two, being close in height stared intently in one another's eyes. Everyone stopped laughing and gazed. Lindsey looked as if she would slap Jackie. Jackie stood her ground and glared back. Lindsey slowly raised her hand and the two girls stared on. Jackie was preparing for the worst and just wanted it to be over. Everyone else wanted to see what would happen...

"Ring, Ring" The class bells rung and Jackie gave out a sigh of relief. "Time for class, bitch," Lindsey drawled with a smirk.

Jackie nearly fainted, but for now she would be okay. The teachers would stop Lindsey from touching her in class. The two girls had every class together for the entire school year and so far it had been going terribly. Lindsey would always call Jackie a nerd in class and rip up her work when the teachers weren't looking.

After the other girls dissipated to class, Jackie strode past Lindsey and walked to class. Lindsey was close behind with a smile of triumph over her face. The two girls walked into the room and took their seats next to each other. Jackie took out her homework from the weekend to be ready to hand in. Lindsey on the other hand made up a lame excuse of being too busy this weekend to work on it.

Mrs. Woods, their chemistry teacher bought it and told Lindsey she could finish it tonight and hand it in tomorrow. "Actually, Jackie why don't you help Lindsey finish her homework, you are at the top of this class." Mrs. Woods was a nice lady, with absolutely no clue of what went on in real life. Jackie's jaw dropped and when she turned to look at Lindsey, she was sitting down with a smirk and arched her eyebrows. Jackie gave a mean glare and Lindsey's smirk curled into a beaming smile with her full lips moving apart to show her flawless white teeth.

"Thanks, Mrs. Woods, Jackie's so smart, I don't know what I'd do without her." Lindsey thanked in an innocent girly voice.

"Oh, how nice of you Lindsey," Mrs. Woods replied. "Alright, you can all pair up to look over this past homework and figure out where you went wrong, and how to do better"
Lindsey, smoothly picked up her chair and set it down opposite of Jackie. She plopped down into it and looked at Jackie with superiority.

Jackie couldn't take it anymore. For the first time today, she decided to talk back. "Lindsey, I'm not helping your lame, stupid, undereducated ass with this homework." There she said it, now she was just waiting for some sort of reaction.

Lindsey smiled and casually leaned back in her chair. Jackie couldn't say anymore at this point. The classroom turned into a blur and the teacher's voice was monotone. "Is she gonna beat the shit out of me?" Jackie thought. "Maybe I actually got to her this time"Maybe she'll leave me alone." Jackie looked around quickly. Luckily for Jackie, all the other girls in the class were all wannabes of Lindsey and tried hard not to get involved. At least there wasn't any cackling. There wasn't anything being said at the moment at all.

Lindsey looked out the adjacent window for a little while and looked back at Jackie. "Hmm, I didn't know you looked at my ass," Lindsey finally answered. "Since you seem to know that it's lame, stupid and undereducated, you must stare at it a lot... Now about my homework"
Jackie gaped on in shock. How could this stupid bitch find something so smart and witty to say back to her? Today wasn't going well at all so far. This week was going to be hell. Jackie wanted to shrivel up and die at that moment. Lindsey leaned forward and took the pencil Jackie was holding out of her hands. Jackie shivered a bit from the foreign touch. "Let's get started Kirby. cause if you don't help me with this." Lindsey started to talk. She took Jackie' fragile hand into hers and squeezed it really hard. Jackie winced but couldn't move her hand.

"Jeez, she's strong," Jackie thought. Lindsey let go and smiled. Jackie nodded and the two worked on the homework.

Chemistry was over and the two girls went to English class. The two sat far from one another in that class and the only time they interacted was when Lindsey pushed Jackie into a locker while walking to class. However, Lindsey's cronies were in this class and the entire period was filled with giggles and sniggers directed toward Jackie.

Mrs. Ledger was a teacher who would talk about everything but nothing all class long and would not notice the paper balls thrown across class or the spit balls flying. This was mainly because Mrs. Ledger was always facing the blackboard and had on ridiculously large spectacles. Jackie thought she sort of looked like her eighty five year old grandma. How sad.

Jackie didn't waste any of her time though. Even though there was mindless talking and annoying giggles, Jackie was scribbling away in her journal about everything that went on in the first two periods. Mostly it was about Lindsey, but some of it was about how she missed Midland and her old life.

Finally the boring English class was over. Jackie packed up her stationery and packed them into her purple backpack. Her left hand was really hurting and she looked over it. The marks from when Lindsey grabbed her were hurting. "I used to work on hard a farm and I couldn't get free from her. That girl must be on steroids or something." Jackie thought. On the way out of class to lunch, Lindsey shoved her aside so her clique could get through. Again Jackie heard the reverberating cackling of the preppy bitches as they walked down the hall tripping behind Lindsey.

Jackie found herself giggling at the sight. Lindsey's friend Suzy fell over a girl named Trudy who fell over another girl named Patty. Lindsey looked back straight at Jackie with a stern look on her face. For the first time Jackie looked back with a smile on her face as the clique made utter fools of themselves. Others tried really hard not to laugh because they all were all trying with their dear lives to get into Lindsey's little group. Jackie looked on at the glaring Lindsey and the three girls who fell over one another. Lindsey unaware of where she was going smacked her pretty body into the cafeteria door. She fell back and her entire clique of seven girls fell onto the ground. Now everyone tried to get away so Lindsey wouldn't see them laughing. Jackie, stupidly stood at the end of the hall and laughed hysterically at the sight.

"Oh my gosh, I think my back is, like, broken!" Trudy cried.
"Owww, your butt, like, broke my arm!" Suzy groaned.

Lindsey was the first to stand up. She ran a hand through her hair and yawned as if nothing happened. She gave Jackie an intense "I'm gonna kill you" look and walked through the cafeteria doors. The other girls got up and quickly followed suit. Jackie again started laughing and people walked back into the halls. They looked as if they were laughing too, but Jackie really couldn't tell at all.

Since Jackie had no friends, she spent lunch hour eating in front of her locker and writing in her journal. She finished up some chemistry homework and read a bit from her English book called The Outsiders. It was a good book about Greasers and Socs. The rich and poor. The popular and the unpopular. Jackie felt she could relate a lot to the book, but unfortunately the main character was a boy.

Finally lunch was over and Jackie gulped down the last piece of the PB&J sandwich her mom packed for her. She was all filled up but really needed to go use the washroom. She had enough time before next class and decided to walk down before anyone could say anything to her. Quickly she walked through the bathroom doors and all hell let loose.
"Damn, what is up Kirby?" Lindsey asked in an all too innocent tone.

"Listen Lindsey, I don't have time for this." Jackie replied in a calm tone, hiding her anger.

"Have time for what exactly?" Lindsey pressed on, obviously playing games.

"You know what I mean."

"No, I don't actually, want to explain?"

Jackie gave a cold look and went to the large fountain to wash her sticky peanut buttery hands. She pressed down on the handle with her foot and the cool water came pouring out. It felt nice on her hands, especially her left hand. It was still hurting from this morning. Lindsey yawned in boredom. Her clique of squeaky girls were still in the café talking about boys and sex. And also how Trudy was such a crappy kisser and how Patty had such bad breath that whenever someone kissed her, they'd have to brush their teeth afterwards. Lindsey was a leader and she knew it. She was a bitch and she knew it. She wasn't great at school but she was great at other things. She was hot and sexy and made boys drool. Girls wanted to be like her and boys wanted to be with her. Lindsey found that the only time she ever had a challenge was around Jackie. Before Jackie was around, there was never anyone to oppose her. The first day Jackie came to school, Lindsey and her clique were making fun of a freshmen girl. They were having a hoot of a time until Jackie came along. Jackie told Lindsey to stop and mistakenly said "Why don't you pick on someone your own size" In her cute southern accent. Lindsey replied by saying "Fine, how about you?" and that was their first conversation ever. Since then, they've loathed one another very much.

By this time, Lindsey was bored out of her mind. She wanted to get some sort of reaction from Jackie but so far nothing was really working. Lindsey watched as Jackie washed her left hand carefully trying her best not to hurt it anymore. "Hell, at least she isn't really ugly or anything" Lindsey thought. "I could have some fun with this girlie, but I'll have to make sure no one finds out."

"You gonna answer me any time soon, Kirby." Lindsey asked.

Jackie took her foot off the handle and the water came off. She was so annoyed at this point, she thought she would combust. So, Jackie shook her hands in front of Lindsey's face spraying water all over her hair and clothes. Lindsey stared in shock as Jackie smirked for the first time. "I'm gonna fight back from now on" Jackie boldly thought. Lindsey checked to see if anyone was in the bathroom stalls as Jackie stupidly watched on.

"I think you need to look in the mirror, but be careful because it might break." Jackie chided.

Lindsey spun around to see a smirking Jackie leaning confidently against the wall. Lindsey just smiled and walked over. Jackie lost her composure and became a little anxious. She stood awkwardly now and found with Lindsey standing so close in front of her, she couldn't get out of the washroom.

Suddenly Lindsey shoved Jackie into the wall. Jackie winced in pain and went to rub her head. When she opened her eyes, she saw Lindsey's face millimetres from hers. Her entire body was pressing her roughly against the wall. Lindsey smirked and brought her right hand to Jackie's left hand and gave it a little squeeze. Jackie tried to stifle her moan of pain, but because Lindsey was so close she heard anyways. Lindsey put her left hand against Jackie's stomach to keep her in place.

"Let me go Lindsey," Jackie gritted out.

"Aww, you see, I'm having so much fun though," Lindsey replied huskily.

Jackie went wide eyed. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?" Jackie screamed in her head. One second the two girls were going to just regard each other in the washroom and go along their way and now, Lindsey had her pressed up quite snugly against the bathroom wall.

Lindsey made notice of Jackie's silence and decided to move along. She took her bare, only mini-skirted thigh and slid it between Jackie's thighs and pressed it against her centre. Jackie jumped at the abrupt impact at that particular spot. Not ever in her entire life had anyone put a body part to that place on her body. Lindsey took her left hand and slowly slid it down the side of Jackie's stomach. Jackie's aching left hand was still clutched by Lindsey's right as she pointlessly tried to get out of her grasp. Lindsey slid her left hand underneath Jackie's large baggy shirt and started to caress her stomach. Jackie was aghast and lost. She didn't know what to do in a situation like this. She hadn't even gone further than a hug with a boy before, but now she was being smothered by a girl she really didn't like.

Lindsey moved her head closer and pressed her lips onto Jackie's soft neck. Jackie gasped and finally let out a moan. Lindsey moved her left hand up on Jackie's stomach and finally reached her supple, toned breast. Lindsey smothered Jackie's neck with kisses as she squeezed Jackie's breast making her jerk in anxiousness.

Jackie was feeling all of these new sensations and didn't know what to make of them. She was being felt up by a girl and it was uncomfortable for her, especially up against the cool wall. The hot summer day made Jackie burn up. Now she was panting and sweating and didn't know what to do with her right hand except to keep it plastered to her side.

Lindsey smiled into Jackie's neck as she felt her shaking. It had been a long time since she did anything with a girl and it felt really nice to be playing around with a virgin to every aspect of sex. Jackie wouldn't say a word to anyone. She'd be too embarrassed. Lindsey could get a whole lot out of this experience. Lindsey nipped at Jackie's sensitive skin under her ear and licked her way around her neck. She kept in tune with squeezing her breast and circling her thumb around Jackie's swollen left hand.

Out of nowhere, Jackie took her free right hand and placed it on Lindsey's hip. Jackie pressed her groin into Lindsey's leg, not knowing the message she was insinuating to Lindsey. Jackie really was only doing this to get out of her grasp. Instead of that plan working, Lindsey pushed her thigh even harder into Jackie which made her jolt. Lindsey stopped kissing her neck and pulled her face back. Their lips were millimetres apart. Lindsey was moving closer and closer and Jackie was hazy.

"Eww, I got ketchup all over me!" a girl wailed while walking in backwards to the washroom.
Lindsey leapt off of Jackie, leaving her high and dry. Lindsey was okay though, she'd done stuff like this all the time. This time it was just a little different because it was with someone she didn't like all too much.

Jackie stared at Lindsey's face and Lindsey smirked. Jackie found it was just Trudy who spilled the ketchup on herself and felt relief. Lindsey looked intently at Jackie and put her pointy finger over her lips clearly saying "Don't tell a soul!"

"Oh my, gosh, you look really weird Jackie!" Trudy squealed.

Jackie bit her lips gave a quick glance to Lindsey and raced out of the washroom to her locker. Lindsey started talking to Trudy about what happened. She really didn't care though. While Trudy was explaining, Lindsey was smiling at the thoughts of what had just happened and she wanted it to happen again.