By:Andrew Troy Keller

The boxing world has many advantages
And many disadvantages.
For one thing,it does it's part
To produce a broken heart--
Indeed,one of the many disadvantages.

Tony 'The Slammer' Stramboli
Was one of the greatest fighters ever to be.
He was also true to his high-school sweetheart,
Known as Lisa LeStart.
However,a life-long romance was never to be.

One night in Chicago,
After a fight that had left him mighty low,
He had gone into a bar,
Where he had met Rebecca Farr,
The star of a local musical show.

She had walked over to him without fear
And asked,"Would you like some beer?"
After he had nodded his head
And realized that she had a figure that was drop-dead,
He had decided to share with her his beer.

Then suddenly,
Even though he was supposed to be faithful to his high-school sweetie,
'The Slammer' had woke up the next day
And found out in a most shocking way
That he had suddenly gotten himself a new sweetie.

It was the girl named Rebecca Farr--
The one that he had met at the bar.
But 'The Slammer'
Was in for another shocker
From the girl he had met in the bar.

Rebecca also had a former sweetie
And Lisa LeStart was the name of that sweetie.
So at first,
His life was about to go from bad to worst.
But that had changed,when the two girls had pegged him a real sweetie.

Soon after that,
The trio had remained lovers after that.
The only problem now
Is one that could also confuse a cow.
Which one of the girls would he marry after the little spat?

Well,after Tony chooses and gets it done,
I hereby wish the life of the couple to be a happy one.