Excitement and shouts were already part of the atmosphere. When he stepped forward something changed and all eyes were on him as his hand drew back. In a flurry of motion he released it, and bit his lip watching the chain of events that followed.

His actions resulted in a loud noise penetrating the poorly lit room. Loud as a ball hitting the polished wood floor, loud like a gun being fired. Audience members bit their lip awaiting the suspenseful end. The ball rolled gaining momentum like the bullet. Silence was all around except for heavy breaths. The bowler and shooter stood watching with anticipation smiles building on their lips. For a moment time froze it looked like the pins might survive, the ball might roll into the gutter. Hope lifted them but they stayed in their pre-destined position. However, the ball, the bullet stayed straight and hit their targets. Pins and body fell, it was strike. He was dead as celebration ensued.