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The rain poured hard on the iron roof of a small house in the middle of a starless night. Hurried steps disturbed the muddy puddles around the square house, and a 4x4 steered itself noisily in the location. More footsteps followed and a rustle of someone being dragged helplessly caught the attention of a girl… a teenage girl, soaking wet in the rain with a stern look on her face. She looked about sixteen, thin and athletic in built, with short brown hair and dark eyes; her arms were crossed in front, dressed in a filthy shirt and distressed working jeans.

"It took you long enough." The girl uttered firmly.

The footsteps scurried more, and a number of people helped drag the cargo nearer. Muddy water splattered everywhere. The cargo was partially wrapped up in cheesecloth, and was tied like a bundle. The girl looked at it for a second, and heaved what seemed like a tired sigh.

She stepped ever so cautiously in the wet terrain and opened the dilapidated door of the house. Water dripped all over the doorway, with her standing impatiently at the spot. "Quick!" she yelled.


"Boss," one of the panting men tried to inquire.

"I will call if you are needed. Leave now, and tell my father we got him."

The door was shut, and she was alone; with the cargo on her feet.