Ziggy's Corner: My first real attempt to write a Manga. Hope its good.

Thousands of years in the future, mankind has left Earth for distant planets, distant systems. There was a time of peace and organization, of arts and religion. For five thousand years a golden age of exploration and freedom flourished.

Then it all came to an end. In the Galactic year 3751 humans encountered their first extraterrestrial neighbors, the war like Sodimanh, a lizard like species, who prized the will of their empresses above all. Claiming all space belonged to the Sodimanh empire and their home planet of Ryeit-Vrack Duodecimus, the alien species waged constant raids against the human planets and colonies. Finally in the Crusade of 3796 was launched by the human survivors, and all out war broke out. For twenty years an intergalactic conflict waged, until the Empress Szui surrendered to the humans, and the Sodimanh retreated back to their home world.

It looked as if peace would again flourish, new species were discovered, new trade routes were created and diplomacy reigned. B ut ambitions grew, the thought of retribution rose, and the lust of power consumed. The human's waged a second war, and nearly conquered the alien empire, being defeated in 4015. With human technology in their claws, the Sodimanh grew again, and rebuilt what they had lost in the first war.

Yet conflict never resurfaced for the next six hundred years… until last month, in the Galactic Era year of 4691, when the Sodimanh began a new attack, using humanity's weapons against them.

Into this new conflict comes a young fifteen year old boy, a tavern owner's grandson, who has no idea that his grandfather had had such an interesting past, nor such an interesting Mech that could turn the tide of battle for one last time.

Up Next: Chapter 1; Rise on Eagle's Wing's.