is a diamond shadow in the sky
growing and shrinking like warped wood
it holds good and evil in its metaphorical past
one side light, the other dark
but which is good?
it cradles the earth, winding around
wrapping the planet in its silky light
it has a hidden face that no one sees
like a child with a secret that is never told for fear of rejection
what is its secret?
its marred surface is that of a smallpox survivor
never the same but still beautiful
shadows are born in its canyons, spilling over onto the top
a flooded lake after a heavy rain
of shadows

is veiled in mystery and myth
a bride that the groom has yet to see
it holds meaning in almanacs and astrology
when to act, how to live
but who decides?
it hides from the sun, arriving only
when its light is the strongest to be seen
like a child afraid to go near the big kids until the older sibling has left
why does it hesitate?
its surface appearing flat and two-dimensional, but in reality edgeless
afraid to show its full potential
its sphere a blanket of detailed lacy imperfections
a modest lady whose beauty shines through
the shadows