Loved by your lusting heart

Caught up in your jaded eyes

Wishing upon flying stars

As they burn across the sky

Kisses filled with venomous poison

Hugs full of death so pure

Castles abounding with many courtsman

Melting hearts so sore

Fantasy a world that we find within

Comes to life as the moon falls

Upon the water, upon the sand

"Run away with me my love," the pauper calls

The princess upon her tower high

Lowers herself upon thee

Her fathers image embeded in the sky

As she scales down the ol' oak tree

Goddess Princess her name is famed

But thy true love poor to life

Rejected by his lowly name

With love she hugs him through the night

Taking hands they run from all

Leaving everything but thy dreams

Ignoring her fathers angry calls

She gives her love her hearts key

As they run hand and hand

Through the medow and across the sea

Rowing without end from land

In the middle of water blue they start to sink

Worry fills thy inner cores

As their raftfalls below

The water ever so more and more

They jump from thy lifeboat

Swimming and wishing for enterinty it feels

As there arms weaken with every stroak

Sea filling there lungs it kills

Them faster every second they obtain

Latching to each other strong

Their love so much to only blame

They swear to never leave thy other's arms

As they take one more breath

Sinking below icing water blue

Right before their death

They wisper eternal"I love you's"

As they die

Within the arms of their true love

And in thy lover's eyes