"Every man is born in sin,

Every man must choose his way."

His favourite book was Les Miserables. Favourite after the bible that is. Which priest does not love the bible? And that was his favourite quote from the musical of Les Miserables, and it was a quote he based his life on. Yes, he believes in mercy and grace, but he also believes in choices.

But the one thing that really disgusts him is women. To him, women are the seductress, the temptress. Who can blame him from thinking that way? Wasn't the person who brought about the fall of men a woman? Thus he treats all women with contempt. He could not bring himself to love them, and as a priest, he has to go about and interact with the masses and he would do all he can to avoid women, and everyone knows that. Therefore he only interracts with the nuns.Only the nuns,are he able to tolerate, but still, in his eyes, he stripped them away of all piousness and could see deep into their soul. To see the love and empathy which is present in all women, lying deep in them. And to him, this could lead to temptation, and he punishes any nun who evered gave any indication of swaying from the path of righteousness.

He has a brother, whom to his great disappointment, married and had a daughter. The priest would try, whenever he had an opportunity, to talk to her about God, and to read to her from the bible. And yet, the little girl never listens, will never want to be baptised, but will always run around chasing butterflies or whatever pretty things that move. And yet, she always look to him with such wonderful deer eyes and hug him whenever she sees him.If he was any other man, the priest would be overwhelmed with paternal instinct. But this display of love and affection disgusts him.

Years passed, and the priest never did achieve any success in trying to draw his niece into becoming a nun. On a midsummer's night, he overheard his gardener and milkman talking outside his house. They were talking about his niece, and how she has taken a lover and that she would meet him every night at ten, just by the river near his house. Enraged, the priest decided to go and take a look. When the clock struck ten, he left his house and made his way to the river. It was such a cool night and on his way, he noticed for the first time in his life, the beauty of the night life. The quiet peaceful solitude, the constant chirping of the crickets, the cool comforting breeze that cradles his soul. Unnerved, he quickened his pace and walked towards the river. Upon his arrival, he saw two silhouettes, embraced into one. He saw that time has stopped, and for the first time in his life, his heart fell.

How could this be? He asked himself. My heart is stone, yet still it trembles, the world I have known is lost in shadow. Ironically, he uttered the same words as Javert did in Les Miserables. He finally saw the light. Wasn't Jesus Christ the epitomy of love?

For the first time in his life, he felt and saw the power and beauty of love. And he walked away, ashamed, for he has intruded into a temple he had no right to be in.