Year 2015

The sky was ablaze with fire, releasing burst after burst of light across the plains of the world. Nothing could escape the fiery inferno of celestial activity. Above them, the god Ares battled it out with Aphrodite. The two sent words of hatred to one another, the furious energy making the mountains, skies, and even the mighty Zeus tremble in both curiosity and apprehension. No one could predict the winner, and nothing was the same after the fighting had fallen to a dull tremor. The cause of the feud was unknown; neither would tell and took it upon themselves to blame one another.

The sun never shone again on America. The once land of the free now obtained the label, The Land of Poverty. America had gone downhill into a depression of sorts. The country had done away with justice and the government was segregated into two sections. Each clashed with one another for every inch of power they could grasp. The country was divided into those who followed Ares and those who followed Aphrodite. The two were always warring with one another, whether it was on the battle field or at the court house. There was, and always would be, at least one or two major fights for power. The misguided and mislead were always taking sides with one or the other, while the criminals and scum of the country robbed, raped, and assaulted as much as they pleased. The once beautifully free land now remained enslaved in the hands of fate and the Gods themselves.

No one dared take up the matter with the infuriated symbols of masculine and symbol of feminism. When the two were provoked, the following arguments would bring more anger, misuse of power, and fear to the countries below. It seemed like a subtle apocalypse, a volcano of destruction waiting to be unleashed on the citizens and unlucky inhabitants of the Earth. Hopes of reaching other planets were destroyed as any hopes of upcoming projects to nearby planets were quickly dashed away.

The sexes had become divided and often marriages were made between two of the same gender. It was no longer considered sacrilege or unmoral. It was rare that a man and a woman could join together for life. The closest it came to were the many sexual acts the teenage generation engaged in, disgusting the adults. Money held little to no value and instead many things were bartered with work, other objects, or stolen. As crime was common and difficult to punish, the police had a difficult time tracking down the criminals. On the occasion they did, it was still harder to contain them. Many had given up. Over 75percent of the country had committed at least one misdemeanor, and about half had committed at least one felony.

This was what America had been resorted to, this disgrace. Some blamed it on the Gods, some blamed it on the economy, but even more blamed it on the greed and arrogant behavior of the Americans.