A Negative

I am a curse. I am a mass-produced, child of the darkest sun of a gun ever to make an impression on the moist soil of earth. He sends us off to hunt for our first hundred years. But what is our reward for the rest of our lives? We are his slaves for reproduction. Alas, only the beautiful get to bear his "precious" children. It doesn't matter if they are his sister or daughter, as long as his children survive. What about the ugly ones? We are sent with a male. The male lasts only a hundred more years before he kills them. And what are the ugly ones to do? They come into a very emotional state. This male that they were forced to have sex with was killed. But he doesn't care. He sets them up with another male. This goes on for five hundred yeas. After five hundred years have passed, the female, thus 600, become hunters or nurturers, depending on their personality. We eventually die. But he still lives, reproducing non-stop; never thinking of anything other than survival. Survival; the goal of all living things. Survival has been running through our blood since the dawning of time. Fortunately, I was never his sex toy. My job was to hunt. And every good hunter knew exactly what to do: scout, blend, sneak, and kill.

"Rayne, Kale. Proceed to the throne room immediately." A booming voice woke me up.

With a few motions, I was awake and flying fast. After a few turns, I found Kale next to me. Within moments we reached the throne room. As we entered, we knew exactly what was happening. He needed us to hunt. Without hunting, he couldn't be fueled to fulfill his manly desires with everyone 100 to 200 years.

"You have two days. This time I'm providing you both with five love potions. She can pull it off with only one, but last time, Kale, you failed me and brought the cow. The average human age is 16. Their school is 12 miles out from here. Thus, you'll be driving the motorcycles. Rayne, you get the red one. Kale, you get the gray one. Get out of those forms and put on these uniforms that have been given to us. Don't forget to put on your necklaces. They'll protect you from the sun and anything else humans have up their sleeves."

"Save the A negative for you, I presume?" Kale asked the most obvious question.

"Yes, yes, of course you need to save the A negative for me. Now go. Do not disappoint me again."

With a quick change, Kale and I ran out of that room as fast as our legs would take us. Once we got to our preparation room, Kale let out a sigh.

"Drac gives me the creeps. What do you thing, Rayne?"

"I don't know. When I first met my father, he scared the wits out of me, but now, the only thing I'm afraid of is being beautiful." Within mere seconds I saw fear in Kale's cerulean eyes. "Why does he scare you?"

"I never really knew my father. He was killed three months before I was born. I mean, he's going to kill me by the time I'm 200. Think about it Rayne, we'll only hunt together for fifty more years. Then I'll have to be a father of a million different children. Not only will I be their father, but I might not even love their mother. What then. I don't even get to live my last hundred years in peace." His pupils swelled up as he found his motorcycle.

"At least you only have one hundred years of reproduction. I get five hundred years of pregnancies. I get five hundred years of labor. And I get five hundred years of childbirth. But with whom will all these occurrences be happening with? Vulgar males, that's who! I'll be craving things and my hormones will be bouncing off the walls. Then after that's over, I get to hunt with other mothers of thousands and none will be as charming as my best friend, Kale! I'm so jealous of humans sometimes." I felt a deadly stare spread over my face.

"Rayne, you're eyes are like poison: green, deadly, vile poison! You could kill someone with them!" Kale joked around, trying to ease off my moment of political fury.

"Yes, but when I smile, my eyes turn into apples." I gave Kale my sweetest smile and alleviation spread over his face.

A few moments passed as we put on gloves and such. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Kale itching for noise. It was always interesting to see how long he could last. His record so far was fifty seconds. He was so pathetic. He couldn't even last a full length minute.

It was time to count again, "One, Two, Three... Eight, Nine, Ten, Elev-"

"Rayne, I can't believe you're related to Drac." Kale started dusting off his own helmet. "I mean, you two are complete opposites. The only things similar are your teeth, black hair, and piercing emerald eyes."

"Kale, we've been over this before. Just because you're related to someone doesn't mean they have the same personality. It just means that they gave you life." I let out a sigh. "To tell you the truth, Kale, I would choose death over being one of his factory-created children." I then I knew I had said something wrong.

His blue eyes stared at me in utter disbelief. I had never shared that part of myself with him. But the expression painted plain across his face wasn't his normal adolescent look. He wanted to slap me. He wanted to yell at me. He wanted to shake the demons out of me and say that I was crazy. I knew that if he decided to do that, I couldn't escape.

He had grown so much since we started hunting together at the tender age of three. He could easily hurt me. Not to mention, his looks had improved quite a bit. Last month, he was not proportional. His feet and hands seemed too big for the rest of his body. He was only four foot eleven. A month came and went. By the end of it, he had grown to six foot two, over a foot taller. His baby fat was suddenly gone, replaced by rock hard muscle. Thanks to the necklaces given to us, Kale had developed a perfect tan that offset his jet black hair and blazing cerulean eyes.

But right then, those eyes were burning with an unsettling rage.

"Rayne, don't say that. Where would I be without you?" His large hands reached out as if to grab her shoulders, but suddenly pulled back.

"Without me, Kale, you would be Drac's back scratchier. Come on, let's go." I rolled my eyes.

With our helmets on, we got onto our bikes, and followed the directions, towards the school house. I tapped my necklace just to reassure myself it was there.

Animosity was still boiling inside Kale. He seemed a little freer with the gas than usual.

"Kale, now is not the time to be having a fit." I said into my helmet.

"I am not having a fit!" He yelled.

"Forget what I said. I'm going to set my bike to follow you while I read the itinerary, okay?"

"Sure, Rayne, whatever you want." His voice was shaking as he turned off his communicator.

"Step number one; scout." I liked off my sharp canine teeth and opened up the folder.

The first thing I saw was our names.

"Rachel and Kyle Smith, that is so original. Ooh! And Drac made us twins again." I said sarcastically.

After I read over our information, there were some nice personal interviews of all our new "classmates". Everyone from nerdy, to preppy, to popular was on there. But of course, jocks had the best type. Kale and I both knew that. The only trouble is that Drac wanted A negative. If we found an A negative, that's what we would get, regardless of the body type.

"Kale, or, uh, Kyle, it's your turn to go over the information. Have your motorcycle follow mine."

"Whatever you want, Rayne." I could feel the acidity in his voice.

A few moments passed while he was looking over his notes.

"Rayne, we have to talk about what you said."

"Kale, we can't talk about it now. We're almost at the school. You do have your teeth concealed, right?"

"Of course I do."

"Okay then."

"Good morning class. Today we have some new students! Please give a warm welcome to Miss Rachel Smith and Mr. Kyle Smith.

"Step number two: blend." I thought to myself.

"You two can sit in either of those two chairs." Ms. Lily pointed out two seats in the front row.

Kale and I sat down and started sniffing out the place blood types. There were plenty of O positives, but what we were looking for was A negative. Within another second, I found two A negatives. With one last inhale I found the victims; Ms. Lily and the jock in the back row, Lyle.