Of All The Things I Want To Say

I'm sorry for all the things I never say
and neglect to do,
I'm sorry if I don't listen
quite as well as you.

I'm sorry that I'm not always supportive
when you need me to be,
I'm sorry if I upset you,
it wasn't the real me.

I'm sorry when you're alone,
and you really need a friend,
I'll run much faster and further,
to reach you in the end.

I'm sorry that I didn't do the small things
that you wanted us to do
I'm sorry when I'm not there,
but I'm always missing you.

You're the bestest ever friend
That I have ever had,
And the last thing I want to do,
is make you upset or mad.

And so the reason I'm writing this,
The day when you're away,
Is to tell you that you are

a better friend than I could ever say.