Spiteful Words

Steaming words spew from my unaware lips.

A piece of me shudders with disdain for the uttered words

as acid drips from my mouth.

Contempt and revulsion massacre

the helpless man beside me.

As words plunge deep into his soul,

leaving pools of mounting blood on the floor,

my hate is redirected,

and I find that I despise myself with

a more passionate resentment

than I had shown only moments ago.

I leave the room, trying to escape,

but I lack a way to crawl out of my own skin

"I shouldn't have said that,"

I breathe to the icy draft blowing in the room,

as it blows and stings my skin.

My uncontrolled, destructive rage

that had once scorched my soul

with spitting flames burns itself out,

into an ashen regret.

Yet the realization has come too late;

the damage has already been mightily inflicted.

kind of gory visual, I know, but think of deeper meaning- besides, how boring would it be to just say 'my words hurt him'? please review. It would make me happy. And based on this, I am apparently vindictive. Just kidding. But please review. I'll stop saying that now so I don't sound pathetic.