One Night


He was the boy that always sat in the back of the class, choosing to tune out the world rather than take part in it.

He was a teenage writer, putting his thoughts down on paper, editing them, finally making them into something worthy to read. He wrote beautifully.

He was the boy I've known since first grade. He used to be my close friend but he pushed me out of his life the same day his mom had died; he was heartbroken then and I wanted nothing more than to help him. But he wouldn't let me.

He was a musician. He was the boy that played the piano and the guitar flawlessly.

He was the boy who wore dark colors. He was someone you would see on his skateboard riding down the street at night, a cigarette between his lips.

He was a loner by choice. He didn't want anyone; he just wanted to be alone.

He was smart, being able to get into the hardest colleges and making it look like it was a piece of cake.

He was the boy that rarely ever smiled, the boy that was known to be honest. He was blunt in everyway imaginable.

He was the handsome James Harden, the boy with enticing blue eyes and raven black hair.

And he was the boy that got me pregnant…

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